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Kwikpac Strapping, Banding & Load Security 

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Our extensive range of steel, polyester, extruded polyester, and polypropylene strapping coils and tools are available for next-day UK delivery on orders made before 4pm on weekdays. Upgrade your order to a strapping kit to receive all the tools you need to ensure every shipment which leaves your warehouse is fully secured. We also offer a range of strapping dispensers to ease storage and application, and lots of strapping tools, including automatic strapping tools, tensioners, sealers, and cutters.

For sharp or extremely heavy loads we recommend our range of Taurex™ Steel Strapping which is available as ribbon or oscillation (mill) wound. Known as the original steel banding, Taurex™ is renowned worldwide for its strength, durability, and performance. (Best used with strapping seals.)

Looking for an alternative to steel? Our premium Tornado™ strapping is as strong as steel, yet 6 times lighter! It provides excellent shock absorption and is able to retain tension for maximum load security. Tornado™ is 100% recyclable and can be used with a range of tools and machinery for optimum results. 

Require strapping you can easily re-tension? If you’re tensioning by hand using strapping buckles, our Tuffstrap™ range is a popular choice in industries such as landscaping and timber due to its versatile range of applications and ability to be reused and recycled. Available in cross-woven, corded, or composite variables, Tuffstrap™ is made from recycled materials and offers a sustainable and environmentally-conscious packaging option.

If you require light-weight, flexible, and economical strapping for securing parcels, bundles, and pallets, our Tenso™ polypropylene strapping is a perfect choice! Available on either a plastic or a cardboard reel, this eco-friendly strapping option can be ordered in a range of colours including black, white, yellow, and blue. 

For alternative methods of securing items in storage or in transit, we offer a range of ratchet straps, wire and twine, and rope. Get in touch for a bespoke quotation for any product within our range, including our custom strapping: 01592 650700.