Our extensive range of stretch film and polythene products are a perfect way to secure packages in storage or in transit.


Kwikpac Pallet Wrap & Stretch Film

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Choose from a diverse range of products from hand wrap to shrink film, polythene bags, and tubing - whatever your need, we’ve got you covered with our eco-friendly packaging options.

Our selection of premium-branded hand film and pallet wrap is 100% recyclable and provides excellent strength, maximum hold, and puncture-resistance: making it the perfect choice for securing items of any shape and size. 

From small packets to large and heavy loads, Megastretch™ offers versatility and choice for businesses of any size. We carry mini hand film (which can be used with or without a dispenser due to its small size), extended core hand film for hand-wrapping larger bundles and pallets, and standard core film, all available in either clear or black. With its unique load-stabilising technology, Megastretch™ can be used on almost any pallet configuration even when transporting items which have sharp edges or corners. Upgrade to a pallet wrapping machine and enjoy Megastretch™ machine film alongside standard manual wrapping options.

Reduce wastage by over 50% with our e-stretch™ pre-stretch film. Using a unique manufacturing process, the film is rolled onto the core in its stretched state giving it extra strength and reinforcement which increases load stability. Unlike other pre-stretched films, e-stretch™ is double the length of standard rolls and formulated to still have a residual 40% stretch which makes it very easy to use and apply. (Available on an extended cardboard core or as machine film).

Improve warehouse safety and reduce the risk of back strain and injury with our grip® film system. The specially-designed patented handle is light-weight and ergonomic, giving improved control and allowing workers to wrap loads efficiently and easily by maintaining tension at any height.

Do you use a pallet wrapping machine? Switch to Sigmawrap™ and enjoy the benefits of a high-performance film specially created for high-volume production applications. While standard machine stretch film is made from 5 layers, Sigmawrap™ is manufactured to have 33 layers: giving it outstanding performance and providing significant savings compared to conventional films, as well as increased stretch capacity and improved tension capability. See the difference for yourself by booking a free UK on-site demonstration with our expert team.

For extra coverage and maximum protection when transporting irregular and awkwardly-shaped items, we recommend using our selection of shrink wrap and sheeting. Our high-quality polyolefin shrink film is extremely durable, has excellent puncture resistance, and - most importantly - is 100% recyclable! We also offer a range of shrink pallet covers which can be used with one of our premium-branded high-performance shrink guns.

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