Save Money, Waste Less

Save Money, Waste Less

Many of our packaging products & high-performance packaging machines can help your company to save money and waste less.

Our high-quality stretch films & loose fill have been designed to last longer, provide enhanced protection & stretch further, helping to reduce packaging costs & waste less time and resources.

Save Money, Waste Less

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  1. Sealless Strapping Tool For Steel Strapping

  2. Automatic Strapping Machine

  3. grip® film - Self-gripping Stretch Film System

  4. OSCAR™ Self-propelled Pallet Wrapping Machine

  5. Megastretch™ Standard Black Machine Film

  6. Kwik Fill Dunnage Air Bags

  7. Tauris™ Automatic Side Seal Strapping Machine (600x 850mm)

  8. Sigmawrap™ High-performance Pre-stretch Machine Film

  9. Megastretch+ Plus™ High-Performance Hand Film - Extended Core

  10. Megastretch+ Plus™ High-Performance Hand Film - Standard Core

  11. Megastretch+ Plus™ Hi-Performance Hand Film - Plastic Extended Core

  12. Megastretch™ Power Pre-Stretch Machine Film

  13. Megastretch™ Standard Machine Film

  14. Megastretch™ Hand Film - Extended Core

  15. Megastretch™ Hand Film - Standard Core

  16. Megastretch™ Mini Hand Film

  17. Megastretch™ Black Hand Film - Standard Core

  18. e-stretch™ Pre-Stretched Machine Film

  19. e-stretch™ Pre-Stretched Hand Film - Extended Core

  20. e-tape™ Plus - High Tack Tape

  21. Biofil™ Biodegradable Loose Fill

  22. Kwikpac Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

  23. Spinny™ S300 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine - PPS

  24. Spinny™ S140 Plus Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Items 1-24 of 26

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