Adhesive Tapes Offer - October 2019
Save up to 25% on Adhesive Tapes!

Huge discounts on branded packing tapes:

tape icon red 25% off: Maxtape™ Masking Tape
tape icon 15% off: v-pro™ Heavy-duty Vinyl TapeDenva™ Polypropylene Packing Tape, machine tape including, Texus™, Alaska™ & Denva™
tape icon 15% off: Paper TapesIndustrial Tapes, Tape Dispensers 
tape icon 10% off: e-tape™ High-Performance Packing Tape

Ends 12pm on Thursday 31st October. Online orders only.
Offer excludes case taping machinery.
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Shop the adhesive packing tape ranges below:

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  1. Gummed Paper Tape

  2. Lever-operated Bench Top Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

  3. Bench Top Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

  4. e-tape™ 'Fragile' & 'Caution' Printed Tape

  5. Denva™ Printed Warning Tapes

  6. e-tape™ Silent Hand Held Tape Dispenser

  7. Reinforced Tape Dispenser

  8. Denva™ Clear Packaging Tape

  9. Denva™ Brown (Buff) Packaging Tape

  10. Standard Hand Held Tape Dispenser

  11. Alaska™ Freezer-grade Clear Machine Tape

  12. Bag Neck Sealing Tapes

  13. Texus™ Machine Tape

  14. v-pro™ Heavy-duty Vinyl Tape

  15. Trojan™ Waterproof Cloth Tape

  16. Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

  17. Supaweave™ Mono-Weave Reinforced Filament Tape

  18. Xtraweave™ Cross-Weave Reinforced Filament Tape

  19. maxtape™ High Temperature Masking Tape

  20. maxtape™ Masking Tape

  21. Lane Marking Tape

  22. e-tape™ Vinyl Tape

  23. e-tape™ Plus - High Tack Tape

  24. e-tape™ No.2 - Hot Melt Polypropylene Tape

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Items 1-24 of 31

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