Invest in packaging machinery to increase efficiency and productivity in your warehouse.


Kwikpac Packaging Machinery 

Strapping Machines | Pallet Wrapping Machines | Case Taping Machines | Lifting & Handling


We understand a business’ time is precious! Countless hours can be lost manually palletising and securing parcels for transit or storage which can prevent your workers from completing other important tasks. Our range of machinery can provide a fast and efficient packing solution for high-volume operations by automating your most time-consuming processes and reducing interruptions. Being specially designed to improve your productivity and uptime, our strapping, wrapping, and taping machines ensure a perfectly secured shipment load every time.

Once you have purchased a machine from us, you can rest assured that it will be properly installed and tested by one of our specialist engineers who will ensure it is calibrated to your needs. Lose no time in getting started and begin using your new machine as soon as you have been given your on-site demonstration. 

Whether you choose an automatic or semi-automatic machine we offer free delivery and installation, with warranty included. Should you experience a problem with your machine, require spare parts, or simply need more advice on getting set up, you can visit our service centre to request the help you need. We also offer machine servicing plans to keep your machinery in top form (see our buying guide for more details).

Kwikpac is your one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs. Get in touch today to book your free no-obligation bespoke packaging audit and find out what we can do for you: 01592 650700.