Packaging equipment and supplies to help maximise your warehousing efficiency.


Kwikpac Warehouse Equipment & Supplies

Kwik-cleanse Sanitising Wipes | Cleaning Cloths, Wipes & RollsPackroom Equipment | Safety Knives & Cutters | Roll Dispensers & Cutters | Glue & Glue Guns | Heavy-Duty Staplers & Staples | Spray Paint & Markers | Cable Ties, Ropes, Sacks & Rubber Bands | Work Gloves | Winter Maintenence & Essentials


We offer a range of warehouse packroom equipment, supplies, and refills suitable for any industry. 

Make the most of your facilities and optimise your storage space with a bespoke custom-build packing station ready and stocked with all of your most-used items, with easy re-ordering on all packaging supplies as required. 

Consider adding roll holders for bubble, foam, and corrugated wrap, loosefill hoppers (holders), and tape and labelling dispensers to your packing station and see the difference in your workers’ productivity! We also offer a range of safety knives and replacement blades, spray markers and pens, cable ties, rubber bands, industrial stapes and heavy-duty box and board staplers, industrial adhesives, and a selection of paper and cloth wipes to ensure your station remains clean and tidy. 

Keep your workers safe with our selection of protective products, including: our Kwik-cleanse Sanitising Hand Wipesprotective gloves (for regular and low temperatures), and other essential equipment for removing snow, frost, and ice from your work area and surroundings with our range of winter essentials.

We encourage an environmentally-conscious approach to warehouse waste management and offer 100% recyclable refuse bags in a choice of black, green, blue, yellow, and clear to keep different types of items separated and aid recognition of bag contents. 

Kwikpac is your one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs. Get in touch today and find out what we can do for you: 01592 650700.