Your Guide to Choosing the Right Strapping
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20 Feb, 2019

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Strapping

Did you know, we have 4 main brands of Strapping and Banding? But, how do you know which type of strapping will work best for you?

From Taurex™ Steel Strapping, TuffStrap™ polyester strapping (cross woven, corded and composite) and Tenso™ polypropylene strapping to Tornado™ extruded polyester strapping, Kwikpac has the expertise to ensure you get the right strap to suit your application.

Tornado extruded polyester strapping

Tornado™ Extruded Polyester Strapping (PET) is a strong and safe alternative to steel strapping. Characterised by its excellent mechanical properties such as, high shear strength and outstanding elongation. If you're looking for ultimate load stability, Tornado™ is the way forward, as it's as strong as steel, very user-friendly, shock resistant and has increased tensile strength. 

A huge environmental benefit, is that Tornado™ PET strapping is made entirely from recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable! Read more about Tornado™ strapping in a our Polyester Strapping Buying Guide.

Industries and Applications

Tornado™ has proven its capabilities in the construction, timber, steel, paper, corrugated, can, bottling and brick industries.

Additional Equipment Required – Buckles and Seals
Tornado™ PET strapping can be secured using serrated seals or galvanised buckles.

Tools Required

Apply Tornado™ strapping with standard tensioners, heavy-duty tensioners, offset sealers and combination strapping tools.
tools for extruded polyester strapping

All-in-one Tools & Machinery for increased efficiency & time-saving
Make strapping easier and use a Battery Operated Friction Weld Strapping Tool to quickly and efficiently strap your goods. This fantastic tool eliminates the need for seals and buckles, as the tool will bond the strapping together and become part of the strapping. A friction welded seal ensures excellent retained tension for parcels and pallet loads.

Tuffstrap™ Corded Polyester Strapping (also known as cord strap) is manufactured from high tenacity non-woven yarns, bonded by a hot melt adhesive. Our Bondmarked™ cord strapping is as strong as steel strapping but weighs 75% less.

Industries and Applications

Most commonly used in the timber, sawmill, fencing, lumber and scaffolding industries.

Additional Equipment Required – Strapping Buckles
Tuffstrap™ Corded Strapping can be secured with galvanised Tuffbuckles which offer 10-20% increased buckle efficiency over generic galvanised buckles on the market.

Tuffstrap™ Cross Woven Polyester Strapping is a variation of corded and composite strapping, manufactured from high tenacity yarns in a closely woven structure. A cost-effective strapping option and very user-friendly, Tuffstrap™ woven strapping is shock absorbent and re-tensionable.

Industries and Applications

Tuffstrap™ CW is used in many load securing applications, for exporting heavy goods and bundling heavy industrial items, such as timber, bricks and textiles.

Additional Equipment Required – Strapping Buckles
Tuffstrap™ Cross Woven Strapping can be secured with Griptite Tuffbuckles which are also referred to as phosphate or sheradised buckles.

Tuffstrap™ Composite Polyester Strapping is the latest innovation in strapping technologies, manufactured from high tenacity woven yarns with a polymer coating, to provide outstanding strength and durability. Tuffstrap™ composite strapping is waterproof and UV resistant.

Industries and Applications

Commonly used in the engineering, scaffolding and timber industries to bundle and palletise loads. Ideal for securing goods and loads of any shape or size.

Additional Equipment Required – Strapping Buckles

Tuffstrap™ Composite Strapping can be secured with galvanised Tuffbuckles which are manufactured from high tensile galvanised steel wire.

tuffstrap crosswoven

Tools Required for All Tuffstrap™ Strapping - Corded, Cross Woven and Composite Strapping

Apply polyester strapping with standard and heavy-duty strapping tensioners

polyester strapping tensioners


Tenso™ Polypropylene Strapping (PP) is a high-strength, premium brand of strapping, embossed for additional grip and seal efficiency. Supplied in black strapping on a plastic reel or in white, yellow, blue and black on a cardboard core, Tenso™ is very versatile and ideal for strapping parcels, bundles and pallets.

Industries & Applications

Ideal for many applications, with proven performance in the timber, steel, meat and fish processing, corrugated, can, brick and bottle industries.

Additional Equipment Required – Strapping Buckles or Seals
Tenso™ can be secured using galvanised buckles, plastic buckles, standard seals or serrated seals.

Tools Required

Tensioners, standard and offset sealers and all-in-one combination strapping tools.

All-in-one Tools for increased efficiency & time-saving
A friction weld tool such as the Battery Operated Friction Weld Strapping Tool, eliminates the need for seals and buckles, as the tool will bond the strapping together, thus becoming part of the strapping. A friction welded seal ensures excellent retained tension for parcels and pallet loads. 

Strapping machines for PP strapping
Or completely transform your strapping process and upgrade to a semi-automatic or automatic strapping machine! We have a range of automatic and semi-automatic high-performance strapping machines which are not only very easy to use, but are very time and cost-efficient.

Strapping machines

Taurex strapping from KWIKPAC

Taurex™ steel strapping is renowned worldwide for strength, durability and performance and is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses. Choose from either ribbon wound or oscillation wound steel strapping. Ideal for bundling, the key benefits of Taurex™ steel strapping are unbeatable load stability, ultimate load security and prevention of splitting on sharp edges.

Industries and Applications

Steel strapping the ultimate solution for securing heavy consignments, for example, banding metal, baling wire and bricks.

Additional Equipment Required – Strapping Seals

Taurex™ can be secured using a snap-on seal or a lapover seal.

Tools Required

Round pack tensioners, flat pack tensioners, sealers and cutters.

All-in-one Tools for increased efficiency & time-saving
Invest in a sealless combination tool for steel strapping, which tensions and seals in one operation. No need to use seals and separate tools!

Still unsure as to which type of strapping is best for your products and pallet loads?

No problem, our Specialist Strapping Team is here to help answer and questions you may have. If easier for you, we can visit you to assess your packaging processes and put together the best solutions to increase performance. 

Get in touch with us today to arrange a strapping audit & trial with a Kwikpac Strapping Specialist.