Why is e-tape™ Adhesive Packing Tape So Popular?
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10 Jul, 2019

Why is e-tape™ Adhesive Packing Tape So Popular?

There are many packing tapes to choose from online, but it can be very difficult to find a high-quality tape that will be just right for your application. With the e-tape™ adhesive packaging tape ranges, we have made it easy to select the right type & size of tape. All e-tapes™ come with the Bondmark™ accreditation seal, so you can trust in their high performance & consistent quality, every time.

We want to provide our customers with the best quality & with a variety of tape choices. We know that each intention for usage is different for each company & depends on the type of products, material/surfaces being taped and how the products will be stored and/or shipped.

The Main Benefits of e-tape˜ Include:

tick box All e-tapes™ have 150m roll length and a small core, which means less roll changes and downtime
tick box Save money, waste less - Nearly 60% saving in packaging waste, which is a huge environmental benefit! 
tick box Fantastic sealing performance - Strong grip & high adhesion

e-tape™ is available as 4 types of products, each in different widths, strengths, colours & quantities, but all are 150m in length.

Check out the full e-tape™ range below:

yellow horizontal line
e-tape plus packing tape 
 High Tack Tape

e-tape™ Plus is an outstanding high tack polypropylene tape with a special acrylic adhesive formula, which offers outstanding value. 

e-tape adhesive tape
The Main Features of e-tape™ Plus Tape Are:

tape icon blue 127% more tape than standard 66m tape rolls
tape icon blue Quick release & easy to apply
tape icon blue Versatile - can be used for a variety of packing needs
tape icon blue Resistant to humidity & temperature fluctuations
tape icon blue Available in both clear and buff (brown) tape

yellow horizontal linee-tape vinyl packing tape  Vinyl Tape

e-tape™ Vinyl Tape is a high-strength adhesive tape, most commonly used for heavy-duty packaging.

e-tape vinyl packing tape
The Main Features of Vinyl e-tape™ Tape Are:

tape icon blue Ideal for heavy-duty applications
tape icon blue Easy tear
tape icon blue Silent unwind
tape icon blue Resistant to humidity & temperature change
tape icon blue 150m roll with 127% more than standard tapes
tape icon blue Available in clear or brown (buff) tape
yellow horizontal linee-tape no. 2 hot melt tape  No.2 - Hot Melt Polypropylene Tape

e-tape™ No.2 Hot Melt Polypropylene Tape is a solvent free, high-performance 25 micron packing tape, ideal for use in cold & freezing conditions.

e-tape hot melt tape
The Main Features of No.2 Hot Melt Polypropylene e-tape™ Are:

red packing tape Excellent standard of grip
red packing tape Quick release
red packing tape Performs well in deep freeze conditions
red packing tape 150m length tape, meaning less wastage & savings on time & cost
red packing tape Available in buff (brown) or clear packing tape

yellow horizontal linee-tape fragile and caution printed tape  'Fragile' & 'Caution' Printed Tapes

e-tape™ high-quality warning tapes, offer high adhesion & grip. These industrial & commercial tapes are ideal for sealing cartons and packages in stores & warehouses. 

fragile and caution printed warning tape
The main Features of 'Fragile & Caution Printed e-tape™ Tapes Are:

yellow tape icon The font on both types of tape is red, against a white background, for maximum clarity & visibility
yellow tape icon Quick & easy to apply
yellow tape icon Resistant to damage & abrasions
yellow tape icon Long rolls, meaning less wastage - 127% longer than standard rolls
yellow tape icon Fragile tape can also be used as a label to notify couriers & handlers of delicate goods

yellow horizontal linee-tape fragile and caution printed tape  Silent Tape Dispenser

Superb ergonomically designed packing tape dispenser for use with tape measuring 50mm to 75mm in width. For fast, easy taping & strong hold, we highly recommend you use any of the tapes from our e-tape™ range.

e-tape tape dispensers for packing
The Main Features of the e-tape™ Tape Dispenser Are:

tape icon Comfort - ergonomic moulded rubber grip handle
tape icon Safety - retractable safety blade
tape icon Tension Control - brake system ensures consistent, smooth application
tape icon Noise Reduction - silent mechanism means no more screeching tape unwind!

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