Where Can You Get a Strapping Tool Repaired in the UK?
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08 Mar, 2019

Where Can You Get a Strapping Tool Repaired in the UK?

If there's something strange with your strapping tool... Who ya gonna call? Kwikpac Packaging!

Perhaps you have been in the fortunate position to have never needed a strapping tool or machine repaired. If this is the case, you may not therefore know how difficult it can be for a lot of companies to find a trusted strapping specialist, who offers professional tool repairs in the UK.

This is where Kwikpac come in and save the day, with professional engineers & diagnostic equipment for speedy repairs at our Service Centre or on-site at your premises.

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One of our strapping tools has stopped working but we can't afford to keep going without it. How do we keep our end of line packaging and dispatches running smoothly?
Don't panic! Call our Specialist Tool Repair Team for advice straight away!

Strapping tool repair formsWe can talk through your strapping tool problems over the phone to troubleshoot and provide guidance on how to rectify the issue. If the tool is completely out of action, we will ask you to complete our quick Tool Repair Form and arrange delivery to our Engineering Team.

Once we receive the tool, we will assess the issues, provide you with an estimate for the total repair cost and repair the tool promptly. We have a variety of spare parts allowing us to quickly repair your tools and send them back to you within a matter of days.

Do you provide a replacement tool and strapping tool rentals?
Yes, we can provide you with a strapping tool when your own tools are out of action. Simply get in touch with our team to enquire into manual and automatic strapping tools to rent.
We also provide long-term tool rental agreements to some customers who wish to spread the costs, as it simply works out better for them.
The most cost-effective option for our customers, however, has proven to be purchasing a tool outright as part of their company's capital expense, i.e., pay less tax when you buy assets. We also offer servicing and maintenance programmes alongside our tool and machine purchases, so you can rest assured that we will be able to provide you with a back-up tool, whilst your current one is being repaired, to keep your business running as normal.

What happens at your Service Centre?
Our experienced engineers will analyse your strapping tool, assess the issue, repair the tool using the necessary parts and rigorously test the product to ensure it is back to optimal working order.
Our new Strap Testing Station, part of our new Packaging Innovation Centre, has been a fantastic way to test the performance of all of our strapping products in our mission to continually improve and provide the best strapping products in the UK. In addition to testing, our new Packaging Innovation Centre has already proven to be an engaging facility for our current customers and new contacts to explore packaging products and the most effective solutions for their businesses.

Get in touch with our Sales Team to book a free packaging audit at our Kirkcaldy Centre or book a free on-site audit with one of our Product Specialists.

Which strapping tools do you repair?
We service most brands of strapping tools including, Signode, Fromm, Orgapack, Strapex, Cyklop, Siat, Samuel, EAM Mosca, Titan and of course, our very own Tuffstrap™ and Kwikpac™ strapping tools

Our engineers can fix all types of manual and power strapping tools
- Steel Strapping Tools: tensioners, sealers, cutters and combination strapping tools
- Polyester Strapping Tools: tensioners, sealers and combination tools, including battery-operated and air-operated friction weld tools
- Polypropylene Strapping Tools: tensioners, sealers and combination tools, which also include air-operated and friction weld strapping tools, which seal and tension banding very easily.

How much will it cost?
If you are one of our customers already, you may be on a tool rental plan, or have purchased a tool from us within a service contract. The cost will depend on the fault and service agreement.
If you are not a current customer, we will provide a repair estimate prior to the work being carried out and can put together a maintenance plan for all strapping tools and packaging machinery going forward.

Are strapping tools worth repairing or should I buy a new tool?
This really depends on the original price and age of the tool versus the price to repair. We will be very honest with you about pricing and any recommendations to upgrade to a new strapping tool. 
The cost to repair the tool may not be justifiable, compared to the price of a new hand tool. If you are looking to upgrade to the latest model or to a battery-operated strapping tool, we can provide advice and outline the costs, to help you make a decision.

We have helped many of our customers to improve end of line packaging performance & save on costs, by providing free on-site audits, determining the optimal solutions for their business and ultimately streamlining their packaging process. A key part of this success is the evaluating current packaging performance and looking at ways to improve on efficiency, reduce packaging waste & suggest better packaging products which will offer better performance, resulting in you using less and ultimately reducing costs.