Packaging Products & Equipment to Ensure Warehouse Safety

Packaging Products & Equipment to Ensure Warehouse Safety

Warehouse activities vary from business to business, but health and safety in the workplace should always take precedence, no matter how hectic and heavy the workload.

Warehouse Safety Packaging Tips

At Kwikpac, we have a range of solutions to ensure that not only will your products be safeguarded, but most importantly, your staff will be protected too.

Read our guide below for warehouse safety tips for palletising product loads securely, to help protect your staff from workplace hazards & accidents, and of course to comply with the latest safety procedures.

Palletising Your Loads Securely

The stability of pallet loads should be one of the most crucial health and safety aspects in any warehouse. All staff should be trained on how to load a pallet correctly, taking into consideration pallet height, size and weight restrictions which must be adhered to. If loading a range of different goods onto one pallet, remember, heavier products should of course be loaded first on the bottom of the pallet to avoid the overall load being top-heavy!

Reduce the risk of products becoming loose and unsteady loads by palletising your consignment correctly, using the appropriate high-quality packaging products to secure goods and reduce slippage. We highly recommend you implement the following techniques & integrate the below packaging products for the perfect pallet load!


Ensure you have good quality pallets to withstand the weight of your loads & type of products needing to palletised. Choose from new & used 4-way and Euro pallets, as well as plastic Euro pallets which can be reused time and time again.

New wooden pallets, used wooden pallets and plastic euro pallets
We believe the quality of strapping is key to a safe and stable pallet load. Ensure your goods arrive at their destination in the same condition that they left the warehouse, by choosing the right strapping for your type of products. The type of strapping really depends on your application and required tension capability. Get in touch with our Sales Team on 01592 650700 for specialist advice & to discuss your strapping requirements.

Strap your pallets loads quickly and easily
Edge Protection
Use cardboard edging around the outer edges and top of your pallet, and plastic edge protectors to channel the strapping over the pallet, to prevent damage to the product load and to ensure the contents stay in a rigid position before pallet wrapping. This minor packaging addition could help save you a lot of money replacing damaged goods & on wasted transit.

cardboard and plastic edge protectors for pallet loads

Pallet wrapping: Stretch Film
Choose from a range of different stretch films, to suit your pallet wrapping requirements. Securing your pallet loads with high-quality stretch wrap is one of the most important considerations to take into account, and after many years of being specialists in this field, we have narrowed down our stretch film product range to 4 key films. All Kwikpac films are guaranteed to help save you money and use less than you would with standard films on the market, due to the excellent tear & puncture resistance and superb memory retention. Because our films are all manufactured to a high-performance specification, you will not need as may wrap rotations as you would with other standard stretch wraps. 

pallet wrap stretch film
Pallet wrapping: Shrink Wrap
Many of our customers choose shrink wrap & shrink pallet covers for ultimate load stability during transit or for storage.

Shrink wrap film and shrink pallet covers

Pallet Top Covers & Polythene Sheeting
Apply pallet top covers and polythene sheeting over pallet loads to protect against dust & moisture during transport or for storage.

polythene sheeting and pallet covers


Let strapping tools & machinery, along with pallet wrappers and taping machines take the strain, instead of manually palletising the loads yourself. With the use of machinery, you could reduce the risk of repetive strain injury to the hands & arms, as well as reduce risk of twisting and pulling on your back.

Strapping Tools

Strapping Tools

Packaging Machinery

strapping machines,pallet wrappers and taping machines


Work gloves 
Protect hands from cuts, abrasions & cold temperatures with a choice of Kwikpac work gloves.

work gloves for warehouse operations


Packing Stations
Having a well-organised, bespoke packing station tailored to your business will ensure that your end-of-line packing processes run smoothly, packaging products are stored safely & the working area is at a height which prevents strain and damage to lower and upper backs.

Safety Knives & Cutters
Significantly reduce accidents in the workplace, ensure that you open packages, cut materials & remove staples with the right equipment.

Cable Ties
Keep cables, wires & loose products organised & secured with a range of cable ties & sack ties.

packing stations, safety knives and cutters and cable ties