Looking for Strong, Lightweight Strapping for a Variety of Applications?
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28 May, 2019

Looking for Strong, Lightweight Strapping for a Variety of Applications?

Tuffstrap™ Polyester Strapping is very popular with our wide and varied client base, due to its versatility, ease of use and high-performance.

Tuffstrap™ is available as:

corded strapping Corded strapping
cross woven strapping Cross woven strapping
composite strapping Composite strapping

All Tuffstrap™ ranges share the same key benefits & features:

As strong as steel

 Product and user-friendly


 Easy to re-tension

 Shock absorbent

Discover all Tuffstrap™ Polyester Strapping Ranges below to help you decide on which type of strap would be best for your application.

Tuffstrap™ Corded Polyester Strapping (also known as cord strap) is manufactured from high tenacity non-woven yarns, bonded by a hot melt adhesive. Our Bondmarked™ cord strapping is as strong as steel strapping but weighs 75% less.

Tuffstrap corded polyester strappingTuffstrap strapping for timber

Buckles Required to Secure Corded Strapping

Tuffstrap™ Corded Strapping can be secured with galvanised Tuffbuckles which offer 10-20% increased buckle efficiency over generic galvanised buckles on the market.

Tuffstrap™ Cross Woven Polyester Strapping is a variation of corded and composite strapping, manufactured from high tenacity yarns in a closely woven structure. A cost-effective strapping option and very user-friendly, Tuffstrap™ woven strapping is shock absorbent and re-tensionable.

Tuffstrap cross woven polyester strappingTuffstrap composite strapping with tubes 

                                                        crosswoven strapping with buckle

Buckles Required to Secure Cross Woven Strapping
Tuffstrap™ Cross Woven Strapping can be secured with Griptite Tuffbuckles which are also referred to as phosphate or sherardised buckles.

Cross woven polyester strapping buckles

Tuffstrap™ Composite Polyester Strapping is the latest innovation in strapping technologies, manufactured from high tenacity woven yarns with a polymer coating, to provide outstanding strength and durability. Tuffstrap™ composite strapping is waterproof and UV resistant.

Tuffstrap composite polyester strappingcomposite strapping for securing product loads

Buckles Required to Secure Composite Strapping
Tuffstrap™ Composite Strapping can be secured with galvanised Tuffbuckles which are manufactured from high tensile galvanised steel wire.

tuffstrap crosswoven

Tools Required for All Tuffstrap™ Strapping - Corded, Cross Woven and Composite Strapping

Apply polyester strapping with standard and heavy-duty strapping tensioners

polyester strapping tensioners

Unsure as to which type of strapping is best for your products and pallet loads?

Our Specialist Strapping Team is here to help answer and questions you may have. If easier for you, we can visit you to assess your packaging processes and put together the best solutions to increase performance. 

We have a broad range of strapping types and our Specialist Team will help to recommend the best solution for your load security needs. Our portfolio of Bondmarked, branded strapping products include TuffStrap™ polyester strapping (cross woven, corded and composite), Taurex™ Steel Strapping and Tenso™ polypropylene strapping and Tornado™ extruded polyester strapping.

Get in touch with us today to arrange a strapping audit & trial with a Kwikpac Strapping Specialist.