Say It With Tape! Bespoke & Custom Printing For Your Brand
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12 Aug, 2020

Say It With Tape! Bespoke & Custom Printing For Your Brand

Say it with tape! Do you ship fragile goods? Need to mark out areas in your warehouse? Or you want to let everyone know your products are eco-friendly, made in the UK, or that you’re launching a new item?

Bespoke printed tape is a simple, attractive and cost-effective way to advertise your brand and promote your company: you can also print slogans and messages on your adhesive tapes to provide handing instructions, contents information, storage guidelines and warnings, and lots more.

By branding your adhesive tapes with your company logo, slogan, designs and message, your customers will receive a professional-looking parcel and recognise your packaging as soon as their goods arrive. Not only will your customers be able to identify your products instantly, but your brand will always be visible, whether in storage or in transit, at every stage of the delivery process. 


many rolls of packaging tapes aligned in a row

Our customisable options include:


  • Type of tape: heavy-duty vinyl, low-noise polypropylene, or eco-friendly paper tape

tape brand logos at Kwikpac: v-pro, maxtape, denva, and e-tape

We offer a diverse range of tapes to suit a variety of applications! When choosing your tape material it's important to consider your usage needs: our low-noise polypropylene tapes will hold better if used on a glossy or smooth surface, whereas our heavy-duty vinyl tapes are humidity and temperature-resistant and can also hold well on recycled materials with slightly rougher surfaces. Additionally, we offer 100% biodegradable paper tape which is ideal for use with our single or double-wall cardboard cartons for the most environmentally-friendly packaging solution.


  • Width of roll: 25mm, 48mm, or 75mm

tape rolls with different widths

Our customisable adhesive tapes come in three commonly-used widths which are all compatible with standard tape dispensers from our range. These sizes are also widely used in a range of industries from retails to hospitality, construction and engineering!

We may still be able to print on a tape of a different width, though please note the minimum order quantity for this may be more than 72 rolls. For a quotation, please email


  • Length of tape: 66m, 150m, or 990m (machine tape)

custom adhesive tape lengthWhile the standard length of packing tape is 66m, our e-tape™ range features a small core and can accommodate 127% more tape (150m) on the same size of roll. These small core tapes require a specialist dispenser which can be used for all e-tape™ products (and it even has a unique mechanism which reduces noise during the packaging process!).

All other tapes within our range feature a standard core and our machine tapes are compatible with most box taping machines, including our own CasePak™ Automatic Case Taping Machine.


  • Colours: each design may feature up to four colours

custom tape coloursWhen choosing your colours, we recommend using the PANTONE colour system to ensure high-quality, vibrant, and accurate colour representation with every print. This is because other colour systems, such as RGB and HEX, are made for screen viewing and are not fully supported by commercial printers, therefore the colours will be matched to their closest available equivalent resulting in slight variations in the final design.

If you are unsure how to check your artwork colours or change the colour system please let us know and we will convert your images and graphics for you free of charge.


  • Text & logos: make your brand stand out!

custom text and colours for packing tapes

Using your chosen colours we can print any text, slogan, or logo on your custom tape! May we kindly ask you to send all text and graphics via email to to ensure the accuracy of the spelling, punctuation, and capitalisation of your chosen message. 

Unsure what to include? Our most popular printed designs feature the company's logo, telephone number, and website address; while others opt for social media tags or a range of services the company offers - the possibilities are endless!


  • Minimum order quantity: 72 rolls (2-3 boxes!)

delivery box with small clock to signify the order is pending deliveryAs this is a bespoke service we require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 72 individual rolls, which is usually only 2-3 boxes as many of our tapes come in packets of 36! If you require a regular large order we recommend setting up a trade account with us (and we may even be able to do something on the price for you!).


Once we have all details and designs from you we will supply a digital proof to ensure you are happy with the final design and placement. Should any alterations be required, we will be happy to revise the design and accommodate any changes. Finally, once the proof has been accepted your dedicated account manager will provide a timescale for delivery. (Please note the lead time may be up to 14 days from artwork approval during peak times.)

Bespoke printing packing tapes brochure  Download our brand new bespoke printing brochure and email for a free quotation.