Save Time And Money By Automating Your Carton Taping Process
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07 Oct, 2019

Save Time And Money By Automating Your Carton Taping Process

We understand a business’ time is precious! Countless hours can be lost sealing boxes manually, and hundreds of metres of tape may be discarded through errors or doubling up to secure incorrectly sealed boxes. This is why we recommend the
CasePak™ Automatic Case Taping Machine - it is the perfect solution for any company who wishes to improve their productivity and ensure a perfectly secured box every time.

The CasePak™ Automatic Case Taping Machine can support a range of carton sizes, sealing at a maximum rate of 30 boxes per minute using a system of top and side belts to drive each parcel through. The taping machine is compatible with a variety of adhesive machine tapes and can be adjusted to suit the height of the user and the carton size. The Casepak™ machine brochure can be found here, and a product video is available on YouTube.

Benefits of automation:

As your business grows, your needs will change and your team will appreciate a helping hand! Automating processes which were previously handled by small teams will mean they can focus on other important tasks and reduce the time spent taping boxes. In the long-term, this will reduce your expenses through better utilisation of resources and reduced wastage, as well as improving the productivity of on-site workers using the machines. Alongside the benefits your employees will see first-hand, those well-packaged boxes will also impress your consumers and add a more professional touch to each delivery. 

Not quite ready to invest in a large machine? We also offer a range of hand-held tape dispensers and packing tapes which are popular with startups and small businesses and offer a quick and compact taping solution for low-volume production. Our hand-held and bench tape dispensers are made from high-quality materials and are built to last: with their specially designed handles, they offer a comfortable grip for the user and can reduce the strain of repetitive tasks.


casepak automatic case taping machine

Choosing the best packaging tape:

Machine tape is very easy to reload and CasePak™ is compatible with tapes measuring 48-75mm in width, including our bespoke printed tapes, Denva™ Polypropylene Machine Tape, Texus™ Machine Tape, and Alaska™ Freezer-Grade Clear Machine Tape.

Custom bespoke tape for your business

Bespoke printed tapes are available as vinyl, low-noise, or polypropylene and with company branding and colours tailored to your business, custom-printed tapes offer cost-effective promotion of your company and brand with every shipment. This personal touch will make each parcel stand out and improve familiarity for your existing customers as well as attract potential external clients as your branding will be visible during each step of the delivery process. (To get a quote, please contact our Sales Team.)

Denva machine tape

If you’d prefer to stick with a more traditional option, our Denva™ Polypropylene Machine Tape is a clear, high-tack adhesive tape, which is a popular choice for many tape machine users due to its ability to securely adhere to most cardboard and paper surfaces. Manufactured using strong acrylic adhesion, Denva™ tape is designed for continuous taping in high volume packaging operations and is a low-cost solution for companies of any size.

Texus machine tapeAlternatively, if your business is more fast-paced, we recommend Texus™ Machine Tape - a fast-bonding solvent-based polypropylene packaging tape with excellent chemical resistance for whatever your industrial or everyday needs. Available in two colours, clear and buff (brown), this machine tape is supplied on a 75mm core and is suitable for a range of taping machines, including the CasePak™ Automatic Case Taping Machine




Alaska freezer-grade adhesive tapeIf you’re a chill-seeker and working with cooler temperatures, we would recommend Alaska™ Freezer-grade Machine Tape. This clear colour freezer-grade machine tape is environmentally friendly and solvent-free. Specially formulated to improve adhesion, strength and durability in freezing conditions, Alaska™ is a top choice with its ability to meet the demands of high-volume production in the coolest of environments. Each roll comes as 1700m, which is almost double the industry-standard length - this reduces downtime while rolls are being changed, as well as producing less waste to be discarded.

Things to consider:

When choosing an adhesive packing tape, it’s important to consider the dimensions of the parcel: a larger box may require a wider seal to secure, whereas a smaller parcel may hold contents just as safely using less tape. But It’s not always down to how much tape you use! The texture of the box will affect the security of the seal - a smoother or glossier surface will hold better using Denva™, whereas recycled materials with rougher surfaces will require something stronger such as Texus™. 


All of our adhesive tapes, taping machines and hand-held tape dispensers are available to pur
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