Pallet Wrappers - Are They Worth It?
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31 Jan, 2019

Pallet Wrappers - Are They Worth It?

It may come as no surprise, but we whole-heartedly endorse high-quality pallet wrapping machines due to the proven increase in efficiencies & cost-savings. It's a capital investment that our customers have made in their next step to increase their output & growth rate.

Why Are Many Companies Investing in Pallet Wrappers?

Is growth your business objective? Perhaps your output has increased or your sales projections are forecast to increase over the course of the year? Is your company struggling to deliver your goods on time to your customers because your packaging and pallet wrapping processes are not as efficient as they could be? 

We have helped many of our customers to improve end of line packaging performance & save on costs, by providing free on-site audits, determining the optimal solutions for their business and ultimately streamlining their packaging process. A key part of this success is the evaluating current packaging performance and looking at ways to improve on efficiency, reduce packaging waste & suggest better packaging products which will offer better performance, resulting in you using less and ultimately reducing costs.
Orbitwrap pallet wrapping machineSpinny pallet wrapping machine range

When Should You Invest?

Are you spending more than you need to on manpower & energy? Are pallet-wrapping tasks & dispatching goods taking up too much of your warehouse's time?

Pallet wrapping machines can save on warehouse costs, due to the fact that pallet loads can be wrapped much faster compared to hand wrapping. Generally, turntable speeds can be adjusted to meet your output needs and you can choose your own wrapping cycle, whether it be single, double, etc.

Megastretch pre-stretched machine filmOf course, we will be able to recommend the most efficient stretch film which will provide the most strength and less wrapping cycles.

For example, with Megastretch™ Power Pre-Stretch Machine Film, you will benefit from up to 300% stretch for increased economy - the better the stretch the less you'll use! Its excellent puncture resistance, good cling, slip and load retention, make it one of our most popular pre-stretch films. The film is compatible with both semi and fully automatic wrapping systems.

stretch wrapped palletHow Much Are Pallet Wrappers?

A huge misconception is that pallet wrapping machines are too costly to purchase. To put it simply, it is an investment worth making. We have a range of high-quality pallet wrapping machines to suit most budgets, with prices starting from £2995. We believe that investing in a good quality machine will be instantly advantageous and will yield benefits well into the future of your palletising operations.

How much could you save on pallet wrapping?

With every pallet wrapper trial conducted by our specialist team, we will not only demonstrate how easy it is to operate a pallet wrapper and the different types of machine film, but we will be able to provide you with the performance results straight away.

pallet wrappers UKWe will provide a full assessment of your current pallet wrapping process, analysing the costs, time and performance of your current stretch film & equipment, and provide a side-by-side comparison with our recommended machine and stretch film.

We guarantee that not only will you save time and money year on year, but due to the supreme quality & outstanding performance of our specially formulated stretch films, you will also use less machine film and reduce waste.

Huge Savings Made on Stretch Film and Pallet Wrapping Machinery

Sure, we get it... We know what you're thinking... "It all sounds good in theory, but how can I be sure that my company will save money & improve the stability of our pallet loads?"

bottling and drinks industry

Quite recently, we were able to identify areas for improvement & savings for one of the largest drink providers in Scotland.

They claimed that they were spending too much money in the warehouse on wrapping pallets.

We provided a free on-site demonstration to show how much they can save on pallet wrapping using Sigmawrap™ High-Performance Film, with the Orbitwrap™ 2000B Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrap Machine.

The results were MASSIVE:


(Saving Per Day)


(Saving Per Year)

The Cost for Sigmawrap™ was £0.27 per pallet to wrap, compared to £0.40 with their previous machine & film. 

What Benefits Could You Prove?

Take the first step and book your free on-site demonstration to uncover the huge benefits & see the results for yourself.

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