Packing Tapes... Sticking to the Facts!
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24 Apr, 2019

Packing Tapes... Sticking to the Facts!

Think tape is just tape? Think again! Tape has so many uses, whether it be for general packing or for more heavy-duty applications.

We stock a varied range of high-quality packaging tapes, available for next day UK delivery.

Avoid tacky tapes and check out our high-quality adhesive tape ranges below, to help you decide on the best tape for your particular packing needs. If you need any advice or would like to discuss bulk quantities, please get in touch with our team on 01592 650700 or email

Denva™ High Tack Polypropylene Tape

One of our best-selling ranges, Denva™ high-tack packaging tape is ideal for every day packing use.

High-quality & economical, Denva™ sticks to most paper & board surfaces - perfect for sealing boxes & cartons.

Available in clear, buff, printedmachine tape.

Denva Tape

e-tape™ High-Performance Tape

e-tape™ delivers not only on price & efficiency, but it lasts over 2 times longer than a standard 66m tape roll. 

In fact, e-tape™ can stretch over one and a half football pitches covering 150m!

Available as vinyl or polypropylene tape in buff, clear or printed.

e-tape packing tapev-pro™ Heavy-duty Vinyl Tape

Super strength and humidity resistant, v-pro™ is a 35 micron PVC solvent adhesive packing tape, offering the ultimate adhesion.

With a slow release & silent unwind, v-pro™ is ideal for securing heavy boxes as it has a long-last seal & fantastic tear resistance.

Available in buff or clear.

v-pro PVC packing tape
machine adhesive tapes

Texus™ Machine Tape  Alaska™ Freezer-Grade Clear Machine Tape
A high tack, fast bonding packaging tape made for high-volume production, recommended for use with case taping machines, in fast production line manufacturing applications.

Available in both clear and buff (brown) machine tape.
Clear freezer-grade machine tape which is environmentally-friendly, 'solvent-free' and ideal for use with carton sealing machines.

Excellent adhesion and almost double the length of standard rolls!

adhesive tapes for industrial use

Maxtape™ Masking Tape Xtraweave™ Cross-Weave Reinforced Filament Tape Trojan™ Waterproof Cloth Tape

maxtape™ is our quality branded masing tape, which offers excellent adhesion and is tearable by hand.

Suitable for general masking applications, for use on plastic, metal, glass & rubber.

Available as a high-temperature masking tape or general-purpose masking tape.

Xtraweave™ Cross-weave Reinforced Filament Tape is an extra strong tear-resistant tape, ideal for bundling heavy products and reinforcing boxes. 

Adheres to all paper and cardboard surfaces with a very long-lasting grip. Reinforced with two-directional (cross-weave) fibreglass filaments running across the tape.
Trojan™ waterproof cloth tape is manufactured from a layer of cloth and film which have been laminated together to provide excellent strength. 

This water-resistant tape is coated with a generous layer of adhesive and can be applied to a range of materials, including glass, metal and plastic.

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