Packaging for Christmas... Is your business ready?
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29 Nov, 2018

Packaging for Christmas... Is your business ready?

christmas packagingWhether you are a small retailer, a medium size producer or a large factory, now is the time to order your packaging for Christmas.

No matter what industry you are in or whether you are a  B2B or B2C company, online retailer, supplier or manufacturer, ensure you are more than ready for the December rush.

Forecasting demand and output for the month of December into January can be quite a difficult task, as trends change, buying habits change & surges in spending can often be unplanned for.

Prepare for Success!

In retail, according to Mintel, spending is expected to increase by 4% this December compared to last year. Of that online sales will increase 14%, which accounts for nearly 12% of all retail spending. For most retailers, Christmas is the most crucial time of the year, as this is when the majority of profits are made.

Boxes, tape & packaging supplies for ChristmasWhether you are a manufacturer, retailer or supplier, we understand how important it is for you to maximise your presence, sales & output at this time of the year.

We believe high-quality packaging, prompt delivery of orders & trusted packaging advice is a key part of your processes - that's where we step in!

We work with a range of industries & provide a variety of packaging supplies ranging from adhesive tapes, cardboard boxes, strapping, pallet wrap, edge protection, foam wrap, bubble wrap to polybags, custom printed packaging and more.

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Decide on what you need

Looking back to last December and previous years, it may be clear to see a trend in the volume of orders & the amount of packaging normally required. If it looks as though you need more than what you have in stock, we recommend having surplus packaging.

Having too much now is better than falling short later and failing to dispatch your orders on time. Plus, any leftover stock can be used to fulfil January orders! It's Win-win!

When should you order?

Industrial packaging for ChristmasThe earlier the better to ensure your processes and output keep running and smoothly and to ensure that stock of your particular packaging items is available.

December is a busy month for most companies, meaning there is a higher demand for packaging supplies, so order early to beat the rush and ensure stock is available.

If you haven't already ordered your packaging supplies for December, it's not too late.

At Kwikpac we offer next day delivery on most products, so even if you are short on some essential packaging products in the week before Christmas, get in touch with our team to order.

Our best-selling December products
Typically, you would expect that our top selling packaging products would be just sticky tape and boxes, but think again. Our top products supplied in the lead up to Christmas last year were:

- Denva™ packing tape

- Megastretch™ pallet wrap

- Double wall cardboard cartons

- Sigmawrap™ machine film

- e-tape™ packing tape

- Tornado™ polyester strapping

- Tuffstrap™ corded polyester strapping

- Strapping dispensers

Our customers rely on us year round for our fast dispatch and quality of packaging, and we endeavour to exceed expectations, even during peak times.

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Get in touch with our team today to discuss packaging solutions, tailored to your company's needs.

Kwikpac December Opening Dates:

1st - 24th December 2018

 Last order date for Pre-Christmas delivery: Friday 21st December at 1pm.

Kwikpac January Opening Dates:

We will re-open on 3rd January for orders & deliveries to help you kick-start a prosperous 2019!