We've Made Ordering Cardboard Boxes Even Easier!
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06 Oct, 2020

We've Made Ordering Cardboard Boxes Even Easier!


To help make our online ordering process even easier we've introduced a new size conversion chart on our single-wall cardboard cartons and double-wall cardboard cartons showing the internal measurements of our boxes in mm, cm, and inches!

Our boxes are eco-friendly and ideal for everyday packing and storing as they provide security and protection against bumps, knocks, and unwanted dust and particles. All cartons within the range have high-quality fluting and can be used in light to heavy-duty applications (for extra protection when shipping fragile goods we also recommend using loosefill chips or bubble wrap).


Available styles:

single-wall cardboard carton | Kwikpac

Single-Wall Cardboard Carton

 Available in 5 standard sizes 
3mm (B style) fluting 
Light-weight & sturdy 



double-wall cardboard carton | Kwikpac

Available in 10 standard sizes 
6.4mm (BC style) fluting 
Superior protection 



cardboard box texture


Need something a little different?

If you require an alternative size or just can't seem to find the right box anywhere then look no further than our custom and bespoke branded box service! 

Choose your box shape/size and increase your brand visibility with unique colours, designs, and more. Enquire today by emailing sales@kwikpac.co.uk. (Please note bespoke orders may be subject to a minimum order quantity depending on the size and thickness of each box.)

assortment of bespoke-printed boxes and styles