Megastretch™ Stretch Film for MEGA Pallet Stabilisation!
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10 Apr, 2019

Megastretch™ Stretch Film for MEGA Pallet Stabilisation!


With so many stretch films on the market, it can be quite a minefield when selecting the right type of pallet wrap to securely ship and/or store your goods.

Often, it comes down to trial and error, with a lot of companies spending time and effort trialling different stretch wraps, from a range of sources, in search of the best solution for their business, to achieve the best performance & at a reasonable price. In fact we have new enquirers every day from companies across the UK, complaining that their current stretch film isn't retaining tension, loads are not secure and their stretch film tears very easily.

The high-quality Megastretch™ stretch film range is the most obvious solution for our customers, due to the varied range of film grades, thicknesses, widths and lengths, for both machine and manual use. Our Megastretch™ range ensures pallet stabilisation and security, due to its excellent stretch and memory characteristics. A product that has developed consistently over the last 15 years.

Read our helpful buying guide below, to help you decide on which type of Megastretch™ stretch film you should be using for your pallet loads, packages and products.

Megastretch™ Hand Stretch Film

Megastretch™ hand stretch wrap is a quality, branded, high strength, cast hand film range for wrapping pallets by hand.




Available in a range of easy to use formats:




- Megastretch™ Mini Hand Film for use with a handy wrap dispenser
- Megastretch™ Extended Core with no need for separate pallet wrap dispenser
- Megastretch™ Standard Core in Clear or Black for use with a pallet wrap dispenser.



Megastretch™ Mini Hand Film

- Commonly known as mini film.
- Ideal for securing small boxes or bundling awkward items.
- Very economical, as it can stretch to up to 3 times its original length.
- Available in both clear and black.
- For use with a plastic handy wrap dispenser.

megastretch stretch film
Megastretch™ Hand Film - Extended Core

- High strength cast film.
- High memory.
- Excellent tear & puncture resistance.
- Crystal clear wrap for excellent clarity & product visibility.
- Easy film dispensing - the film is wound onto a long cardboard extended core, eliminating the need to use a pallet wrap dispenser.




Megastretch™ Clear Standard Core Hand Film

- Quality Standard Core Clear Hand Film, for wrapping pallet loads & products.
- Silent unwind & excellent tear & puncture resistance.
- Low tack cling on inside of film to prevent goods sticking together during storage & transit.
- Crystal clear wrap enabling excellent visibility.
- Recommended for use with a pallet wrap dispenser.

clear hand stretch film
megastretch standard hand film
Megastretch™ Black Standard Core Hand Film

- Ideal for heavy-duty pallet wrapping due its excellent memory retention.
- High strength hand film with fantastic load stability 
- Easy to use with silent unwind.
- Opaque black stretch film for extra security, concealing & colour coding consignments.
Recommended for use with a pallet wrap dispenser.

black stretch film for hand pallet wrapping


megastretch logo

Megastretch™ Machine Stretch Film


Megastretch™ machine film is a high-quality cast machine film, created for compatibility with pallet wrapping machines. Designed for high-performance applications, requiring high tensile strengths, the Megastretch™ machine stretch wrap range is very popular due to its stretch capabilities & overall cost reducing benefits.


Available as below:


Megastretch™ Standard Machine Film

- High-quality cast film, ideal for use with pallet wrapping machines.

- Designed for high-performance applications requiring higher tensile strengths.
- Excellent puncture resistance, good cling, slip & load retention.
- 150% stretch - use less film, save on long-term palet wrapping costs!
- Available in both clear and black.Megastretch machine film

black and clear machine stretch wrap

Megastretch™ Power Pre-Stretch Machine Film

- High-quality power pre-stretch film providing excellent pallet stabilisation.

- For use with dual roller power pre-stretch systems.
- Compatible with both semi & fully automatic pallet wrappers.
- Excellent puncture resistance, good cling, slip and load retention
- Up to 300% stretch for increased economy.
Megastretch clear and black machine stretch film

pallet wrapping machine film


Important considerations when choosing the best stretch film for your application: 

Load Weight: Heavy consignment or light load?
Type of Load: What are you palletising/packaging? Do you require a thicker film for your application? 
Shape of Load: Do you have protruding corners, or is it an unusual shape? 
Transit Conditions: Are your products going to be in long transit, shipped across the world, nationally or locally?
Storage: Will products/packages be stored in a warehouse for large amounts of time? Will loads be stacked? Are your products stored in freezer conditions?
Pallet Wrapping Method: Do you intend to wrap pallets by hand or with a pallet wrapping machine?
Your Budget: We have many stretch films to suit a range of budgets, and our team would be more than happy to discuss all options to suit your business.

We have a range of stretch films to meet all load palletising needs. If you are having difficulty in finding polythene wrapping products to work successfully for your palletising processes, or if you would simply like to see how we can help you waste less film and save money at the same time, we would love to hear from you!
Looking for even more load stability, stretch capacity, tension capability & a reduction in film waste. You could save even more money & waste less, by opting for Sigmawrap™ high performance pre-stretch machine film.

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