Kwikpac Packaging in Space!
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18 Oct, 2018

Kwikpac Packaging in Space!

In May 2017, we sent our own brand of Taurex Tonic Whisky into OUTER SPACE, TO 105,000 FEET above sea level, inside a purpose-built foam packaged rocket! This was the world’s first fully recyclable space program.

Taurex Tonic WhiskyTaurex Tonic Whisky

Our Taurex Tonic Whisky was aptly named after our long-established Taurex™ Steel Strapping, which shares similar characteristics:

Strong, well-rounded, perfectly at home in all environments (cold conditions in particular) and made from expertly blended elements.

Our Taurex Tonic Whisky sky-rocketed into near space, inside a purpose-built foam rocket, in collaboration with Sent Into Space, based in Sheffield. The rocket launch took place just outside Sheffield and landed in Scunthorpe. Protected by our Bondmarked™ protective packaging products, the rocket was lifted into near space by an ever-expanding weather balloon.

As a result, our payload of whisky successfully reached a height of 34,919 metres! That's over 20 miles high! Check out the full flight footage in the below video:

Protecting Packages Up to 20 Miles High!

The image below was taken just before our balloon burst and drifted back down to earth. You can see some slight condensation (expected at -65°C!) but the whisky, packaging and rockey all returned to Earth unharmed and in perfect condition.

Kwikpac whisky and packaging in space

The whisky and rocket made it back to earth unscathed, thanks to a mixture of different Kwikpac branded packaging products including Procell™ foam wrap, airsafe™ bubble wrap, Provex™ foam edge protection and biofil™ void fill.

Looking for protective packaging?

You can be sure our products are out of this world... They've been space-tested!

Below are the protective brands and packaging we used in our Space Project:

Kwikpac protective packaging in space! 

TuffBuckle™ - Buckles available in 13-32mm sizes specifically for TuffStrap™


TuffStrap™ - Corded, Composite or Cross-Woven Strapping


maxkraft™ - Kraft paper that provides a moisture & waterproof barrier


provex™ - Reusable foam edge protection. Comes in U, L & O shapes & lots of sizes


ecorap™ - Flexible, lightweight, corrugated paper for interleaving products


airsafe™ - Protective air-filled bubbles in varying sheet and bubble sizes


biofil™ - Environmentally-friendly equivalent to polystyrene loosefill


Procell™ - Soft & strong white foam cushioning, available in many sizes

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