How can Sigmawrap™ high-performance machine film help you save money & waste less?
Categories: Pallet Wrapping
19 Oct, 2018

How can Sigmawrap™ high-performance machine film help you save money & waste less?

Strength, stretch and consistency... All rolled into one amazing pre-stretch film! Significantly reduce your packaging waste AND increase performance and load stability all at the same time!

If you wrap your pallet loads and goods for storage and transit, using stretch film, you may notice that you have to use quite a lot to secure your loads... And even then, it doesn't quite live up to expectations, with rips and thinning evident, as well as disarranged stock on pallets.

We have recognised the frustration felt by companies throughout the UK, of inadequate stretch wrap and know how important it is to be able to deliver your precious goods to your customers, safe in mind that they are protected & secured by a high-performance stretch film like no other.

Sigmawrap™ is the ultimate solution for high volume power pre-stretch film applications and its winning formula can improve your pallet wrapping operations with:


  Up to 50% increase in load stability
 Up to 400% increase in stretch capacity
  100% increase in tension capability
  Over 50% reduction in film waste

Increased Load Stability & Stretch Capacity: Avoid Damage to Your Palletised Goods


Products damaged? Pallet loads enduring a lot of slippage? These issues could so easily be rectified by changing your stretch film to Sigmawrap™ power pre-stretched machine film.

Because Sigmawrap™ is made from 33 layers of film and as it's pre-stretched, the stretch capacity is fantastic. Sigmawrap™ is stretched up to 80%-90% full stretch potential and then wound on to a core for use and has superior cling, which is very important as it helps the film wrap stick to itself and
remain securely around the load.

This unique film offers excellent tear resistance against sharp edges corners

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Waste

This power pre-stretch film has been created to have 33 layers of film, and is therefore proven to be much stronger (and lighter) than conventional films, which typically have just 5 layers!

Not only do these combined layers provide increased load stability, but because the film is much stronger, you will need to use a lot less! This also then means you waste less stretch film, you can wrap pallets faster and reduce your impact on the environment. Sigmawrap™ is also 100% recyclable, therefore environmentally-friendly.







We are dedicated to helping our customers build a better packaging process & to improving pallet-wrapping efficiency.

We recommend a trial comparison to prove how much you can save.

Book your FREE UK on-site demonstration, and our expert team will accurately measure & record the performance of Sigmawrap™ on your pallet, testing the film’s containment force and puncture resistance, using the latest software & load pressure sensors.




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