How User & Environmentally Friendly is Your Current Pallet Wrapping Process?
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23 Sep, 2019

How User & Environmentally Friendly is Your Current Pallet Wrapping Process?

Introducing grip® film, the new revolutionary self-gripping stretch film system which provides huge cost-saving, environmental and user-friendly benefits.

With so many stretch films on the market, we realise it can be very difficult for companies to decide on the right type of pallet wrap to securely ship and/or store goods.

A huge, yet often overlooked, factor to consider is how user-friendly the pallet wrapping process is. The NEW grip® system reduces back strain & injuries, increases load stability and will help you save on packaging waste & costs!grip film stretch film
Take control get a grip logo - grip stretch filmBecause grip® has been specially created with an exclusive formula through an unrivalled manufacturing process, this unique stretch film is surprisingly strong and puncture-resistant, meaning that you will use less film, waste less & save on overall packaging costs. But most importantly, by reducing the amount of stretch film used, you will be reducing your company's carbon footprint & impact on the environment.grip® film lineWhat's included in the grip film stretch film system?

Grip gilm logoChoose between Superior medium-duty film in clear or black (400m x 480m) or Premium heavy-duty film in clear (400mm x 420m)

superior grip film from Kwikpac

grip premium stretch film

grip twist-lockStretch Film Applicator - Palletise goods easily & without strain with the Twist-Lock Applicator. Its ergonomic & user-friendly design allows the user to wrap from the base of the pallet without bending down.

Grip stretch film system with applicator
grip hook for grip systems

Simply fix the grip® hook to racking systems or walls so you always know where your grip® for fast and efficient pallet wrapping!

grip hook grip film dispensergrip film linebenefits of using grip stretch film

    • High load retention: Creates a ‘strapping’ effect on the load resulting in a POWERFUL GRIP and excellent pallet stabilisation
  • Excellent puncture resistance: Both Premium and Superior films wrap corners with ease, keeping pallet contents secured for both transit and storage
  • Environmentally-friendly: Reduce your company's carbon footprint and plastic use - due to the strength of this high-performance film, you will use less film and there will, therefore, be less plastic waste
  • Very-user friendly & quick to use: The grip® film system is lightweight & ergonomic, meaning loads can be wrapped quickly & efficiently. Less effort is required to wrap pallets, compared to traditional pallet wrapping methods which means the operator will not tire as easily & accidents could be reduced
  • Reduced risk of injury & danger of collision: Thanks to the grip® applicator with skid plate, the user does not have to bend too low or overstretch to wrap pallets. This, therefore, reduces the chance of back strain, friction burns and knuckle abrasion. Another huge benefit is that the operator applies grip® film by walking forwards, not backwards as per the method with traditional hand wrap. This will decrease the danger of collisions and increase productivity
  • Longer length on each roll:  Fewer roll changes are required, meaning less downtime - available in 480m and 420m rolls
  • Fast roll changes: thanks to the non-slip roll core and the Twist-Lock system on the applicator, the user simply needs to release, locate, lock and tension the new roll in a matter of seconds!
  • Less tension required: The lightweight design makes it easy to maintain film tension even when working at height. Grip® film does not need to be stretched around the pallet as the film can be applied with minimal effort and it automatically contracts when applied, providing extra stability
  • Grip® film is oscillation wound with a cushion of air: If the roll of film is dropped, the roll will ‘bounce’ and won’t dent or tear. This will reduce the number of damaged rolls, compared to traditional stretch film rolls

grip blue line

Unsure as to which type of grip® film is best to wrap your products and pallet loads?

Get in touch with our Specialist Wrapping Team to see how much you could save by switching to grip®. If easier for you, we can visit you to assess your packaging processes, put together the best solutions to increase performance & provide you with a no-obligation quotation.
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