Eco-friendly Green Polyester Strapping for the Environmentally Conscious
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11 Jan, 2019

Eco-friendly Green Polyester Strapping for the Environmentally Conscious

Are you looking to improve your packaging processes or are you starting to think of ways to reduce your plastic use, and ultimately your carbon footprint? 

Many larger companies have adopted practices to reduce waste and optimise their eco-friendly packaging procurement in line with environmental legislation, but not all companies have the budget, time or manpower to dedicate to sourcing eco-packaging. That's where we step in...

We have a range of environmentally-friendly packaging that has been made from recycled products, can be recycled or is biodegradable.

Tornado™ polyester strapping is a prime example of how an everyday product can be recycled into something stronger, more reliable & more cost-effective. The Best Bit? Tornado™ PET Green Embossed Strapping can be recycled over and over again!

As well as being 100% recyclable, there are other huge benefits:

  • As strong as steel, yet 6 times lighter.
  • Tornado™ does not rust.
  • High retained tension.
  • Excellent shock absorption.
  • No load damage.
  • Easily recyclable.
  • Weather & dust resistant
  • Non-toxic

Which type of strapping should you use?

polyester strapping UK

How Can Plastic be Recycled into Tornado™ Polyester Strapping?

Are you concerned about all those single-use plastic bottles in the news, clogging up our oceans? Switching to Tornado™ PET strapping, is a huge way to ensure the packaging you use to transport or store your products is ethically sourced.

PET strapping is made entirely from PET bottles, which are collected & introduced back into the economy by recycling them into new products.

Polyester strapping made from recycled PET

Colour sorting: Once collected the bottles are sorted by colour & type of polymer. Ferrous & non-ferrous metals are also removed from the bottle stream, before heading to the grinding machines.

Grinding: The colour-sorted PET bottles are then grinded in batches according to their colour. Through a process called wet grinding, PET flakes are made and dried by a centrifugal dryer.

Washing: The flakes are washed in a pneumatic system in the silos, then processed by optical sorters to eliminate any remaining impurities.

Tornado embossed polyester strappingManufacturing into Tornado™ PET Strapping: The raw material is then processed into a syrup-like substance into strip moulds and cooled, before being heated & stretched a number of times, to reinforce the strength & increase stretch capabilities. The PET strap then goes through an embossing process, which provides much better grip, sealing, flexibility & resistance to cracking, over smooth PET strapping. 

Industries & Applications

Used across many diverse industries, due to its versatility & durability, PET strapping has grown in popularity over the past 10 years. Many of our strapping customers used to rely on steel strapping to ensure product loads were effectively secured for transit, shipping & storage, but many have realised that PET strapping provides the same strength and high breaking strains as steel banding, but with the added benefits of being lighter and cheaper to purchase.

Tornado™ has proven its capabilities in the timber, steel, corrugated, paper, aluminium, can, bottle and brick industry. In fact, we have a multitude of satisfied customers whom we have been supplying polyester strapping to for almost 20 years.

PET strapping for aluminium and steel industries
strapping for construction, including bricks, wood and masonry

We are very proud to have such a popular and reputable brand of strapping, accredited with the Bondmark™ stamp and we would be more than happy to share our expertise with you.

Our Specialist Strapping Team can assist with advice on sealing systems & applications to ensure you are using the right type of strapping which provides sufficient break strain, shock absorption & system strength.

Get in touch with us today to arrange a strapping audit & trial with a Kwikpac Strapping Specialist or purchase strapping 24 hours a day via our website.

You can also view and download the Tornado™ Polyester Strapping Brochure to discover strapping sizes, breaking strains & compatible tools, seals, buckles & accessories.

Please also enquire into our full range of environmentally-friendly & affordable, high-performance packaging products to help reduce your company's environmental impact.

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