Why We Recommend a Packaging Machine Service Maintenance Plan

Why We Recommend a Packaging Machine Service Maintenance Plan

Have you signed on to our newest servicing aftercare package? We offer Machine Service Maintenance Plans with every strapping machine, pallet wrapping machine, and carton taping machine that we sell, and over our many years in business, we have found our customers have saved £1000s by choosing a preventative maintenance plan, instead of waiting for machines to break down and then deal with the consequences.

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Whether you have one machine in your warehouse or multiple, it can be stressful when technical failures cause disruptions in operation!

Employing preventative measures from the beginning can save you thousands in repair costs in the long-term, as well as reduce reputational damage through delays in service. With plans available for every type of machinery we use in our personal lives, from vehicles to washing machines, it only makes sense to ensure the packaging machinery in our warehouses is equally looked after.

We strongly believe in offering an all-around excellent service - a one-stop-shop for advice, purchasing, and maintenance of your packaging machinery and strapping tools. Our customers are at the heart of our business and we pride ourselves in offering expert advice and using our extensive product knowledge and industry experience to provide you with the best options for your business. Having been established in the packaging, strapping and pallet wrapping industry for over 25 years, we pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to machine and tool servicing solutions. 

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Our service plans will ensure you can:

- save money on repairs
- maximise machine uptime and avoid disruption 
- increase productivity and output
- preserve the equipment you rely on by ensuring your machinery is working at optimal capacity 

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If you have previously purchased tools and machinery from ourselves, we want to offer a servicing programme you can trust. From the date of enquiry to years after installation, we will be on hand to help and provide advice to ensure your machines are running as efficiently as they were on day one. Our service plan offers a range of benefits including:

pallet wrapping machine with fully wrapped load- Machine installation: Once you have purchased a machine from us, you can rest assured that the machine will be properly installed and tested by one of our engineers and calibrated to your needs.

- Planned maintenance: Don’t wait for a machine to break down before reporting an issue - this is usually more costly in the long-run and may increase your down-time and halt operations. Minimise costs and maximise efficiency with scheduled inspections and bi-annual preventative maintenance by experienced engineers.

- A dedicated account manager: We are proud of the partnerships we have with our clients and want to maintain these connections by assigning one of our experts to each company. This will be the person who has visited you previously on-site to analyse your packaging processes and is aware of your procedures and business needs, allowing them to make informed suggestions for improvements. 

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- Expertise from professionals and engineers: If we can’t answer a query on the spot, we will contact our expert engineers and get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. With equipment being so complex, there is no such thing as a silly question and all queries you may have will be made our top priority in order to ensure you are comfortable with the knowledge you possess and are able to use our machinery safely and efficiently.

- Top advice to keep your business running: Contact our team at any time for help and advice to aid your operations. Over the last quarter-century, we have established ourselves at the forefront of packaging innovations, offering products that deliver on quality and price and meet the needs of the ever-growing diversity of our UK industries. 

Our service plan is perfect for owners of any product within our portfolio of strapping machines, pallet wrapping machines, and case taping machines

After many successful years of offering service plans to our customers, we have found that each month, more customers are getting in touch as they are keen to invest in a maintenance program to ensure production and output never slows down. Our Machine Service Plans are currently exclusive to businesses in Scotland, however, we soon hope to expand across the rest of the United Kingdom. 

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Alongside our Machine Servicing Plans however, we also offer training, machine & tool rental, repairs for strapping tools & packaging machinery, as well as spare parts across the whole of the UK. 

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