Envosafe™ Bubble Envelopes: Safely Secure & Send Your Goods in the Post
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14 Aug, 2019

Envosafe™ Bubble Envelopes: Safely Secure & Send Your Goods in the Post

Do you need to send and secure items safely in the post? We recommend our customers choose the correct protective postal packaging to fit the purpose it is intended for, with unparallelled advice from a Kwikpac Product Specialist.

Envosafe™ bubble envelopes and Airsafe™ bubbles pouches ranges ensure contents are protected during transit. Often businesses use standard envelopes along with light packaging in the hope that this will be enough, but in so many cases, goods and items arrive damaged at their destination.

Our Advice to You...

Packaging for postWe recommend that our customers choose the correct packaging to fit the purpose it is intended for. To adequately protect items and ensure the contents move as little as possible, pick packaging that's a little bit larger than the item you're sending. Don't choose pouches or envelopes that are extremely oversized, as this unnecessary packaging is very wasteful & may cost a lot more to send. On the other hand, overfilling a smaller envelope could cause the envelope to burst or rip, compromising the goods inside. 

Packaging should be strong enough so that goods arrive intact and the appropriate labelling should be used for items which require extra precaution, i.e., 'fragile' or 'handle with care labels'.

Benefits of Envosafe™ Bubble Lined Envelopes

tick box Envosafe™ bubble envelopes (also commonly referred to as Jiffy or postal envelopes) reduce the need to use extra packaging such as bubble wrap and extra tape for sealing, as all openings and edges will be fully sealed, thanks to the strong adhesive strip.
tick box The bubble envelopes are ideal for postage both within the UK and overseas.
tick box With the protective bubble wrap built in to the inside of the envelopes to absorb shock & vibration, you can rest assured that your products are cushioned and at less risk of damage during the handling & delivery process. 

Check out the Envosafe™ Bubble Lined Postal Bags Ranges below:
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envosafe protect bubble lined postal bags

Choose Envosafe™ Protect Bubble Bags if you require high-quality, lightweight postal bags which offer fantastic protection.

Envosafe protect bubble envelopes UK

- Lightweight
- Made from strong 90gsm laminated white Kraft paper
- Smooth inside for easy insert
- Self-adhesive strip for quick and hassle-free sealing
- Available in a range of sizes

If you're looking for extra strength and durability, we highly recommend the Envosafe™ Secure range...

pink horizontal lineenvosafe protect bubble lined envelopes

kwikpac arrowChoose Envosafe™ Secure Bubble Lined Bags if you require premium quality postal bags, which provide maximum protection for minimum postage costs.

envosafe secure bubble lined envelopes

- Lightweight
- Extra strong bubble bags, with fantastic puncture resistance
- Made from strong 120gsm Kraft paper
- S
mooth on the inside for easy insert
- Self-adhesive strip for easy sealing
- Available in a large range of sizes, from small (100 x 165mm) right through to large (350 x 470mm)

pink horizontal lineAll postal bags and bubble envelopes are available to buy in bulk - please email sales@kwikpac.co.uk for a bespoke quotation.

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