1. Categories: Strapping Servicing, Parts & Repairs
    08 Mar, 2019

    Where Can You Get a Strapping Tool Repaired in the UK?

    If there's something strange with your strapping tool... Who ya gonna call? Kwikpac Packaging!

    We have professional engineers & diagnostic equipment at the ready for speedy strapping tool repairs.

  2. Categories: Strapping
    20 Feb, 2019

    Your Guide to Choosing the Right Strapping

    Did you know, we have 4 main brands of Strapping and Banding? But, how do you know which type of strapping will work best for you?

    Learn more about our Taurex™, TuffStrap™, Tenso™ & Tornado™ strapping ranges...

  3. Categories: Strapping
    11 Jan, 2019

    Eco-friendly Green Polyester Strapping for the Environmentally Conscious

    Tornado™ polyester strapping is made from 100% recyclable materials and is 100% recyclable.

    Strong, versatile & environmentally-friendly... No wonder it's our most popular banding product!