1. Categories: Pallet Wrapping
    10 Apr, 2019

    Megastretch™ Stretch Film for MEGA Pallet Stabilisation!

    The high-quality Megastretch™ stretch film range is our most popular pallet wrapping range, due to the varied range of film grades, thicknesses, widths and lengths, for both machine & manual use. 

    Megastretch™ provides excellent stretch, memory, load stabilisation & security.

  2. Categories: Pallet Wrapping Packaging Machinery
    31 Jan, 2019

    Pallet Wrappers - Are They Worth It?

    Discover how much you could save when using a high-performance pallet wrapping machine, alongside quality-assured stretch film.

    Find how we can reduce that back-breaking work of wrapping pallets!

  3. Categories: Pallet Wrapping
    19 Oct, 2018

    How can Sigmawrap™ high-performance machine film help you save money & waste less?

    Strength, stretch and consistency... All rolled into one amazing pre-stretch film! Significantly reduce your packaging waste AND increase performance and load stability all at the same time!