1. Packaging Products & Equipment to Ensure Warehouse Safety

    Health and safety in the workplace should always take precedence and at Kwikpac, we have a range of solutions to ensure that not only will your products be safeguarded, but most importantly, your staff will be protected too.

  2. Categories: Packaging
    20 Mar, 2019

    Corner & Edge Protection - A Small Investment for Ultimate Load Security

    Ensuring your packages arrive safely and securely is the priority for most businesses that ship products on a daily basis. But, how much time & money is lost through damaged product?

    Reduce this risk of damage with a small investment in the correct edge protection...

  3. Categories: Packaging
    29 Nov, 2018

    Packaging for Christmas... Is your business ready?

    Whether you are a small retailer, a medium size producer or a large factory, now is the time to order your packaging for Christmas.

    Ensure you are more than ready for the December rush.