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    07 Oct, 2019

    Save time and money by automating your carton taping process

    Solutions that stick: invest in a Casepak carton taping machine compatible with Denva™, Texus™, and Alaska™ machine tape to save money and waste less.

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    10 Jul, 2019

    Why is e-tape™ Adhesive Packing Tape So Popular?

    There are many packing tapes to choose from online, but it can be very difficult to find a high-quality tape that will be just right for your application.

    With the e-tape™ high-quality adhesive packaging tape range, it's easy to select the right type & size of tape for your application.

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    24 Apr, 2019

    Packing Tapes... Sticking to the Facts!

    Tape has so many uses, whether it be for general packing or for more heavy-duty applications. We stock a varied range of high-quality packaging tapes, available for next day UK delivery.

    Discover our adhesive tape ranges, to help you decide on the best tape for your particular packing needs.

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    07 Nov, 2018

    What is the best adhesive tape on the market for every day packing use?

    One of our best sellers, the Denva™ traditional high-tack clear packaging tape is for every day packing use. High-quality and economical, Denva™ is one of our most popular adhesive tapes for use in ambient temperature environments.