1. Categories: Kwikpac News
    30 Oct, 2018

    Kwikpac in The Amazon!

    In June 2018 we sent our Taurex Tonic Whisky on an expedition on The Amazon River!

    We were delighted to have been given the opportunity to support 14 reservists from 225 Medical Regiment and 3 instructors from other regiments who were deployed on the adventure of a lifetime.

  2. Categories: Pallet Wrapping
    19 Oct, 2018

    How can Sigmawrap™ high-performance machine film help you save money & waste less?

    Strength, stretch and consistency... All rolled into one amazing pre-stretch film! Significantly reduce your packaging waste AND increase performance and load stability all at the same time!

  3. Categories: Kwikpac News
    18 Oct, 2018

    Kwikpac Packaging in Space!

    In 2017, we sent our own brand of Taurex Tonic Whisky inside a purpose-built rocket, protected by a range of protective packaging products. It was the world's first recyclable space program!

  4. Categories: Kwikpac News
    16 Oct, 2018

    New Kwikpac Website Launch!

    We are very proud to have launched our new and improved online purchasing website, in our mission to provide our customers with a seamless purchasing & delivery service, upfront pricing & specialist packaging advice.