1. Categories: Packaging
    06 Oct, 2020

    We've Made Ordering Cardboard Boxes Even Easier!

    It's now even easier to order cardboard boxes online - introducing size conversion charts for our single-wall and double-wall cardboard cartons! Each chart shows the internal measurements of our boxes in mm, cm, and inches; so put away the calculator and enjoy a speedy shopping experience.

  2. Categories: Adhesive Tapes
    12 Aug, 2020

    Say It With Tape! Bespoke & Custom Printing For Your Brand

    Do you ship fragile goods? Want to let everyone know your products are eco-friendly, made in the UK, or that you’re launching a new item? Bespoke printed tape is a simple, attractive and cost-effective way to promote your company every time you dispatch your goods.

  3. Categories: Packaging Equipment Kwikpac News
    08 Jun, 2020

    Stay Safe In The Workplace With Protective Screens, Counters & Blinds

    As we prepare to welcome staff back to work and open our doors to more customers, it's even more important to ensure everyone adheres to Government safety guidelines. To help you and your colleagues stay safe, we are introducing a range of protective screens, counters, and blinds.

  4. Categories: Packaging Equipment Kwikpac News
    20 May, 2020

    New From Kwikpac: Kwik-Cleanse™ Sanitising Hand Wipes!

    By creating our own-brand Kwik-cleanse sanitising wipes we hope to be able to ease workers’ transition back into the workplace and provide a safer environment for them while we continue to fight the virus.

  5. Categories: Kwikpac News
    13 Apr, 2020

    Is Your Business Operating? We’re Here For You!

    During this time of uncertainty, we want to do everything we can to help businesses which are operating as we aim to restore a bit of familiarity to these ever-changing times. Despite having limited members of staff in our office and warehouses, we are doing our best to ensure all orders go out as usual in order to minimise disruption to your business.

  6. Categories: Pallet Wrapping Kwikpac News
    18 Mar, 2020

    Save Money & Waste Less With Our Sigmawrap™ Pre-Stretch Machine Film

    We like to keep in touch with our customers over time to ensure they continue to receive the best products, tailored to their needs. This is why we're delighted to report another customer success story!

  7. Categories: Pallet Wrapping Packaging Machinery
    10 Mar, 2020

    What To Look For When Choosing Pallet Wrap

    Are you using the most-suitable pallet wrap for your needs? Our Bondmark™ certified stretch films are all 100% recyclable and provide outstanding quality and puncture resistance.

  8. Categories: Pallet Wrapping Packaging Equipment
    18 Feb, 2020

    All The Tools You Need To Master The Art of Shrink Wrapping

    Find out why so many of our customers use shrink wrapping over alternative packaging methods and the environmental benefits associated with investing in good shrink wrapping equipment.

  9. Why We Recommend a Packaging Machine Service Maintenance Plan

    Have you signed on to our newest servicing aftercare package? We offer Machine Service Maintenance Plans with every strapping machine, pallet wrapping machine, and carton taping machine that we sell.

  10. Categories: Adhesive Tapes Packaging Machinery
    07 Oct, 2019

    Save Time And Money By Automating Your Carton Taping Process

    Solutions that stick: invest in a Casepak carton taping machine compatible with Denva™, Texus™, and Alaska™ machine tape to save money and waste less.