1. Why We Recommend a Packaging Machine Service Maintenance Plan

    Have you signed on to our newest servicing aftercare package? We offer Machine Service Maintenance Plans with every strapping machine, pallet wrapping machine, and carton taping machine that we sell.

  2. Categories: Adhesive Tapes Packaging Machinery
    07 Oct, 2019

    Save time and money by automating your carton taping process

    Solutions that stick: invest in a Casepak carton taping machine compatible with Denva™, Texus™, and Alaska™ machine tape to save money and waste less.

  3. Categories: Pallet Wrapping
    23 Sep, 2019

    How User & Environmentally Friendly is Your Current Pallet Wrapping Process?

    grip® film is a new unique self-gripping stretch film system which provides huge cost-saving, environmental and user-friendly benefits. 

    Take Control... Get a grip®!

  4. Categories: Packaging
    14 Aug, 2019

    Envosafe™ Bubble Envelopes: Safely Secure & Send Your Goods in the Post

    Do you need to send and secure items safely in the post?

    We recommend our customers choose the correct protective postal packaging to fit the purpose it is intended for, with unparallelled advice from a Kwikpac Product Specialist.

  5. Categories: Kwikpac News
    17 Jul, 2019

    Kwikpac Whisky to Travel Across 20 Countries, Supporting Bone Cancer Research Trust!

    Three guys, one old car, Kwikpac Taurex Tonic Whisky, a Kwikpac Jack teddy bear mascot and a crazy plan... To drive from Oxford to Mongolia, taking on the Mongol Rally, over 7 weeks, to raise money for Bone Cancer Research Trust.

    Kwikpac are proud to sponsor BCRT & Team Bear Bones on this incredible charity challenge!

  6. Categories: Adhesive Tapes
    10 Jul, 2019

    Why is e-tape™ Adhesive Packing Tape So Popular?

    There are many packing tapes to choose from online, but it can be very difficult to find a high-quality tape that will be just right for your application.

    With the e-tape™ high-quality adhesive packaging tape range, it's easy to select the right type & size of tape for your application.

  7. Packaging Products & Equipment to Ensure Warehouse Safety

    Health and safety in the workplace should always take precedence and at Kwikpac, we have a range of solutions to ensure that not only will your products be safeguarded, but most importantly, your staff will be protected too.

  8. Categories: Strapping
    28 May, 2019

    Looking for Strong, Lightweight Strapping for a Variety of Applications?

    Choose Tuffstrap™ Polyester Strapping for securing a range of products, boxes & pallet loads.

    Versatile, easy-to-use banding with excellent strength and available as cord strap, cross woven strap or composite strap.

  9. Categories: Kwikpac News
    07 May, 2019

    Celebrating 25 Years in Packaging!

    We are very proud to be celebrating our special 25th anniversary in the packaging industry!

    Since its establishment in 1993, Kwikpac had a clear vision to develop & provide a wide range of innovative packaging products that deliver on quality & price and which meet the needs of our customers, across many diverse industries.

  10. Categories: Adhesive Tapes
    24 Apr, 2019

    Packing Tapes... Sticking to the Facts!

    Tape has so many uses, whether it be for general packing or for more heavy-duty applications. We stock a varied range of high-quality packaging tapes, available for next day UK delivery.

    Discover our adhesive tape ranges, to help you decide on the best tape for your particular packing needs.