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Kwikpac Protective Packaging 

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Protect your goods during every stage of the delivery process: whether in storage, pick-up, or transit. With our large range of high-quality protective packaging products, you can rest assured even the most fragile items will arrive at their destination intact. 

Choose from a selection of eco-responsible and eco-friendly products including 100% biodegradable cardboard boxes, recyclable Airsafe™ bubblewrap, and recycled Tourer™ polythene postal mailing bags. Help smaller items stay in place with our Biofil™ biodegradable loose-fill, and protect a bigger load from moving and shifting during transportation with our Kwik Fill dunnage bags (which can be easily inflated with our Cordless Turboflow Inflator). 

Ensure extra care is taken by labelling any parcels which may contain flammable goods, glass objects, or items that should not be stacked.

If you are transporting heavier items, we would recommend protecting any corners with our edge protection range, before palletising, strapping, and wrapping the goods securely before loading. 

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