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Megastretch™ Power Pre-Stretch Machine Film

Our Megastretch™ high-quality power pre-stretch (PPS) film provides excellent pallet stabilisation and can be used with automatic and semi-automatic wrapping machines which have a dual roller power pre-stretch system. Compatible machines from our range include the OSCAR™ Self-Propelled Pallet Wrapping Machine and the Orbitwrap™ 2000B Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrap Machine.

Megastretch™ is extremely strong and versatile as it's designed for high-performance applications and can accommodate a range of pallet configurations due to its ability to mould around irregularly-shaped objects.

This range of machine films has excellent puncture resistance, strong cling, and prevents slipping which improves load retention and pallet stabilisation. The films range from 17mu to 34mu, with up to 300% stretch for increased economy - meaning you can use less film and reduce your waste whilst maintaining outstanding performance.

Pallet quantities are typically 46 rolls and we do offer bulk discounts and more grades of pre-stretch film from our wider stretch film range. Contact our Sales Team to find out more. 

Megastretch stretch film brochureView all Megastretch™ stretch film options in our brochure and our buying guide. Further product specifications can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Please note:

  • Each roll weighs approximately 16kg (with the exception of KM29A which weighs approximately 8kg)
  • Each roll has a standard core size of 76mm.

Suitable uses:
Light to heavy-duty applications in fast-paced environments. Suitable for use on any pallet configuration.

How to recycle: Megastretch™ films are 100% recyclable. Please contact your local recycling centre to arrange a collection for polythene products. 

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Associated SKUs KM29A, KM30, KM31, KM32, KM40A