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Our Promise To You...

We at Kwikpac are committed to supplying high quality, branded products every time and as a Kwikpac customer, you will benefit from the consistent quality and best pricing that comes with the distinctive branding of the Kwikpac product range.

Look out for the Kwikpac approved brands covering a wide range of products.

Kwikpac stands behind all of our branded products with our quality guarantee – The BondMark™ Validation Seal. You can trust these products and feel completely confident that they'll satisfy your packaging requirements.

The BondMark™ seal guarantees 100% conformity to an international packaging standard that meets every critical requirement of global industrial markets.

You can view our BondMark™ certificate here.

BondMark™ certified products benefit from warranty data sheets covering:

  • Quality assurance and recyclability
  • Environmental compliance
  • Unvarying quality, performance, value, and consistency
  • Branded labelling – accurately validates the product



Edge Protection


Postal Packaging, Bubble Wrap, and Dunnage Bags


Protective Paper Wrap, Foam Wrap & Cardboard Boxes


Polythene Bags & Refuse Sacks


Strapping & Banding


Strapping Buckles & Seals


Pallet Wrapping Stretch Film


Pallet Wrapping Equipment & Top Sheets


Adhesive Tapes


Heavy-duty & Machine Tapes


Industrial Tapes


Pallet Wrapping, Case Taping & Strapping Machinery