Airsafe Large Bubble Wrap


Used for packaging all shapes and sizes of fragile items.  Wraps around shape of contents and reduces delivery costs as it is very lightweight.  Ideal for protecting large uneven objects.

Large bubble - 20mm diameter.

Protective air-filled bubbles cushion the most delicate of items. 

Lightweight, clean and flexible.  Available in a variety of widths to suit your packing needs.

For customised perforations, please speak to our sales team.

Price options

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Item Code Size Pack Quantity Units Per Pack Packs Cost Per Unit Pack Cost Packs Purchased
KB09 1500mm x 50m 1 Roll Per Pack 1 1+ £28.04 £28.04
5+ £25.24 £25.24
10+ £23.84 £23.84
KB10 750mm x 50m 2 Rolls Per Pack 2 1+ £14.02 £28.04
5+ £12.62 £25.24
10+ £11.92 £23.84
KB11 500mm x 50m 3 Rolls Per Pack 3 1+ £9.35 £28.05
5+ £8.41 £25.23
10+ £7.95 £23.85
KB12 300mm x 50m 5 Rolls Per Pack 5 1+ £5.61 £28.05
5+ £5.05 £25.25
10+ £4.77 £23.85
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For more information on our airsafe product range please download the specification sheet.

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