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grip® film - Self-gripping Stretch Film System

Grip film systemgrip® film is a new unique self-gripping film system which provides huge cost-saving, environmental and user-friendly benefits.

This strong stretch wrap is fast, efficient and safe & suited for most commercial pallet wrapping applications and is recommended for irregular loads. Multiple protruding edges and corners can even be wrapped with ease! Its incredible ‘self-gripping’ formula is achieved with specially formulated additives being added during a consistent and unrivalled manufacturing process. 

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The grip® system consists of:

 grip black box grip® film - Choose between Superior medium-duty film (400m x 480m) or Premium heavy-duty film (400mm x 420m)

superior grip film from KwikpacPremium grip film from Kwikpac

 grip black box grip® Twist-Lock Stretch Film Applicator - Palletise goods easily & without strain! 

 grip black box grip® Hook - Simply fix the hook to racking systems or walls so you always know your grip® is ready for action!
grip hook for stretch filmgrip film applicatorGrip film system     


Key Features of the grip® film System:

grip systems box logo Longer length on each roll which means fewer roll changes - available in 480m and 420m rolls

grip systems box logo Fast roll changes - thanks to the non-slip roll core and the Twist-Lock system on the applicator, the user simply needs to release, locate, lock and tension the new roll in a matter of seconds!

grip systems box logo Very-user friendly - the grip® film system is lightweight & ergonomic, meaning loads can be wrapped quickly & efficiently

grip systems box logo Reduced risk of injury - thanks to the grip® applicator with skid plate, the user does not have to bend too low or overstretch to wrap pallets. This, therefore, reduces the chance of back strain, friction burns and knuckle abrasion

grip systems box logo Reduced danger of collision - Another huge benefit is that the operator applies grip® film by walking forwards, not backwards as per the method with traditional hand wrap

grip systems box logo Less tension required - the lightweight design makes it easy to maintain film tension even when working at height

grip systems box logo Does not need to be stretched around the pallet - apply the film with minimal effort and the film automatically contracts when applied, providing extra stability

grip systems box logo High load retention - creates a ‘strapping’ effect on the load resulting in a POWERFUL GRIP and excellent pallet stabilisation

grip systems box logo Less effort required = less operator fatigue & fewer accidents

grip systems box logo Excellent puncture resistance - wraps corners with ease



grip systems box logo Unique reinforced edging

grip systems box logo Oscillation wound with a cushion of air - will ‘bounce’ if dropped, will not dent or tear reducing the number of damaged rolls

grip systems box logo Reduce your company's carbon footprint and plastic use - due to the strength of this high-performance film, you will use less film, therefore less plastic wastage

grip systems box logo Available in clear, blue-tinted, and opaque black

Watch the video for full details on this amazing stretch film product and get in touch with our Sales Team for a bespoke quotation to find out how much you could save by switching to the grip® film system.

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grip film stretch film 

View the grip® film stretch film range and our buying guide for more details.

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400mm x 480m Superior and Premium grip® film stretch film oscillated rolls with folded edges.

A base component of LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene) & LDPE (low-density polyethylene) with a super blend of Polyisobutylene, Butene, Hexene, and Metallocene additives.

Available in medium-duty and heavy-duty stretch film.

100% recyclable.

View the grip® film stretch film range and our buying guide for more details.

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