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Kwik Fill Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage bags offer unparalleled performance in securing loads during transportation, as they accurately fill void spaces, therefore reducing the risk of damage.

Commonly used in containers, trains and ships, our easy-to-use, Kwik Fill dunnage airbags inflate in seconds using our Kwik Fill Cordless Dunnage Bag Inflator or an Inflator for Use with a Compressor.

Quickly fill awkward voids between your products, to prevent loads from shifting or falling during transportation.

These lightweight, heavy-duty woven polypropylene airbags are resistant against punctures and moisture, and will 'mould' around the product, providing a tremendous load force to ensure secure and hassle-free haulage.

Ensure your pallet loads are fully protected during transit with our cost-effective fast filling dunnage bags, which can easily be deflated and reused.

Popular across a wide range of industries, including food, beverage, oil and paper, dunnage bags have proven to be a fast and efficient way of optimising load security.

Inflate Dunnage Bags with:
A Dunnage Bag Inflator, For Use With a Compressor


 A Kwik Fill Cordless Dunnage Bag Inflator, With Kwik Connect Head

Dunnage bags for shipping brochure View the Kwik Fill Dunnage Bag Brochure

Kwik Fill Fast filling Dunnage Bags

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Dunnage bags are available in a variety of sizes and are designed to provide effective load security for cargo.

Stabilise your goods, boxes and loads securely and reduce the risk of damage with easy-to-use dunnage bags, also referred to as shipping airbags.

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