Kwikpac Protective Packaging Shop

Protecting your products in storage or in transit is essential.  That's why we have a wide range of branded, high quality protective packaging solutions to suit your exact requirements.

Use Airsafe Bubblewrap and Procell Foam to wrap around your fragile items, no matter their shape or size.  Choose Ecorap Corrugated Paper to interleave between your products and separate them.  Cushion them with our Fastfil or Biofil Loosefill, or use a paper or airpillow Void Fill System.  Finally, protect the edges and problem areas with our System 90 Cardboard and Provex Foam Edge and Corner Protectors - the choice is yours, and our sales team are always on hand to help you decide what is best for you.

  • Propaflex Cable Wrap Protection

    Propaflex Cable Wrap Protection

    Propaflex - an innovative product, designed to satisfy the needs of steelmakers and cable manufacturers worldwide - can also be adopted in many other manufacturing industry applications. Propafl...
  • Plastic Corner Protectors - Closed

    Plastic Corner Protectors - Closed

    Plastic corner protectors are ideal for items such as laminated worktops, cupboard doors, picture frames and much more. Easy to use, economical protection for your products. ...
  • Maxkraft Paper Rolls

    Maxkraft Paper Rolls

    Strong tear resistant wrapping paper.  Easy to use Maxkraft paper roll for all general wrapping applications and ideal for wrapping parcels for mailing. 100% recyclable. Various roll widths ava...
  • Maxkraft Union Paper Rolls

    Maxkraft Union Paper Rolls

    Kraft Union waterproof paper.  Bitumen between layers of kraft paper provides a moisture and waterproof barrier. Ideal for export case lining or wrapping. High tear and puncture resistant....
  • White News Offcuts

    White News Offcuts

    Heavy duty, white news off cuts.  Used for wrapping and protecting fragile items. 500 sheets per pack.  ...
  • VCI Anti-Rust Paper

    VCI Anti-Rust Paper

    Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) paper has a waxy coating and is used to prevent corrosion and rusting of ferrous metals in storage and transit.  ...
  • Plastic Corner Protectors - Expanding

    Plastic Corner Protectors - Expanding

    Expanding plastic corner protectors are ideal for items such as laminated worktops, cupboard doors, picture frames and much more. Easy to use protection and expanding to best fit your product. ...
  • Mobile Basic Line Cutter

    Mobile Basic Line Cutter

    This quality, durable unit is a practical solution for dispensing and cutting foam, foil, bubble wrap, kraft paper, corrugated paper, film etc. Dual cutting direction ensures no time l...