Kwikpac Postal Packaging & Envelopes Shop

We know it is essential that your goods reach their destination in the same condition as they left you - that's why we supply the products you need to protect them along the way!

Choose the Kwikpac Original Padded Bag to protect your bulky or heavy items, or our Envosafe Bubble Lined Postal Bag as a lightweight option to save on postage costs.  Select the Tourer Mailing Bag with a self-seal adhesive strip to ensure protection against bad weather or use the Airsafe Bubble Pouch to add additional cushioning for sending fragile products.  Call our experts if you aren't sure what is the best product for you.

  • Envosafe Protect Bubble Lined Postal Bags

    Envosafe Protect Bubble Lined Postal Bags

    A first class mailing solution from our Envosafe 'Protect' range - high quality, lightweight postal bag designed to give ultimate protection yet still minimise postal costs. Strong 90gsm la...
  • Tourer Opaque Mailing Pouches

    Tourer Opaque Mailing Pouches

    An attractive polythene mailing bag from our premium TOURER range - ideal for packaging and posting garments, soft goods or boxed products. Durable and opaque mailing pouch for added securi...
  • Envosafe Secure Bubble Lined Postal Bags

    Envosafe Secure Bubble Lined Postal Bags

    A premium quality bubble lined postal bag from our Envosafe 'Secure' range - provides maximum protection for minimum postage costs. Strong 120gsm laminate kraft for ultimate puncture resist...
  • Envosafe Padded Postal Bag

    Envosafe Padded Postal Bag

    The original protective postal bag.  Tough, shock-absorbing padding made from 100% recycled paper - excellent for protecting heavy or bulky items. Double-glued bottom flap, seamless sides&n...
  • Airsafe Bubble Pouches - Standard

    Airsafe Bubble Pouches - Standard

    An effective way of protecting your products - excellent cushioning for fragile and delicate products. Self adhesive strip for ease of use. Smooth inside to allow items to slide in and out easily....
  • Airsafe Bubble Pouches - Anti-Static

    Airsafe Bubble Pouches - Anti-Static

    Airsafe anti-static bubble pouches are excellent for protecting sensitive electrical components.  They have a peel and seal lip for ease of use and the smooth inside means sliding items in ...
  • Clear Polythene Mailers

    Clear Polythene Mailers

    Ensure your mail is safe with this strong, lightweight polythene mailer. Permanent self-seal lip. Clearly identifies contents and improves presentation....