Kwikpac Packaging Equipment Shop

Keep your warehouse tidy and your processes efficient with our help.  Choose from a range of tape, foam, polythene and strapping dispensers to make your packing easier and quicker, while keeping your products safely stored at the same time.

Check out our general packaging accessories, including knives, cutters and markersWarehouse scales are also an essential item for your packing area, as are labelling and tagging guns to ensure your products are well organised and easily identified.

If you cannot see the product you require on our website, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.   

  • Gas Bottle Trolley

    Gas Bottle Trolley

    A trolley ideal for moving heavy gas bottles around, allowing shrink guns to become mobile. Increases operator efficiency and is good safe handling practice.  ...
  • Smooth Handle Hand Held Tape Dispensers

    Smooth Handle Hand Held Tape Dispensers

    Premium pistol grip carton sealer for use with a variety of packing tapes (commonly known as a tape gun). Smooth handle for extra comfort, easy to use, adjustable brake and retractable...
  • Spray Glue

    Spray Glue

    This quick, clean, convenient and economical spray adhesive is ideal for small scale upholstery, foams, paper, furniture and shop fitting applications. 500ml can, 12 per pack.  ...
  • Polypropylene Twine

    Polypropylene Twine

    Clean and smooth white polypropylene twine for multiple applications. Ideal for tying parcels and bundles. Virtually unbreakable.  ...
  • Bench/Desk Tape Dispensers

    Bench/Desk Tape Dispensers

    Desk/Bench tape dispenser for use with 66m roll length tape on 75mm core. Ideal for when constantly taping in the same area i.e. packing stations.  ...
  • Glue Granules

    Glue Granules

    Kwikmelt amber glue granules - widely used in the cardboard manufacturing industry. These small granules are quick to melt making them the ideal solution for high output gluing operations....
  • Crossweave Tape Dispensers

    Crossweave Tape Dispensers

    Tape dispenser for use with mono-weave and cross-weave filament tape. Different models to suit 25mm and 50mm tape....
  • Additional Spindles for Polythene Roll Dispenser

    Additional Spindles for Polythene Roll Dispenser

    Additional spindles for use along with the Polythene Roll Dispenser.  Order additional spindles to enable multiple rolls to be held on the dispenser at any one time....
  • Glue Sticks

    Glue Sticks

    12mm glue sticks to suit most hot melt glue guns. General purpose, clear glue. High viscosity, ideal for fabrics and foams....
  • Lane Marking Tape Applicator

    Lane Marking Tape Applicator

    Robust lane marking tape dispenser for use with heavy duty PVC lane marking tape.  A convenient way to mark out aisles, lanes, hazard areas and tools.   ...