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  • e-tape | A Sticky Tale

    7th October 2016

    Tape is something we all use in our lives at some point. Whether it be wrapping Christmas Presents or fixing a broken toy there are many different types of tape to choose from. Packaging, insulating and duct tape are just 3 popular types of tape. The packaging tape we sell here at Kwikpac is diff... [ read more ]

  • Top Tips When Moving Home

    5th October 2016



    Moving house is without a doubt one of the most stressful times in anyones life. A study from 20... [ read more ]

  • The History of Kwikpac

    28th September 2016

    Since it's establishment in 1993, Kwikpac has focused on maintaining a strong customer base across many diverse industries.

    Without this core logic Kwikpac would not have evolved into the company it is today. Here is the story so far...<... [ read more ]

  • Ensuring your fencing and timber load is secure.

    22nd June 2016


    KWIKPAC specialises in supplying load secure and protective products to the UK timber and fencing industries.  Typical products include strapping (banding) and accessories, tools and machinery, ratchet straps, cable ties and hazard/barrier tapes.


    <... [ read more ]