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  • Anyone for some Space Whisky?

    1st June 2017

     Kwikpac would like to thank all of you for following and supporting our Space Project! -

    For those of you that missed it, we sent our very own brand of Taurex Tonic Whisky inside a purpose built foam rocket int... [ read more ]

  • MegaStretch Brochure

    8th May 2017

    Providing Quality and Consistency Every time with MegaStretch. Our High Performance Stretch Film used across the World.

    Download our new brochure today!

    [ read more ]

  • Thinking Outside the Box!

    4th May 2017


    When thinking outside the box we're challenged to think of new ways and ideas and look at things in a different way. Unfortunately a lot of these new ideas cost money and production time, so items like custom and bespoke boxes are disregarded as a non essential expense. However, di... [ read more ]

  • Edge Protection

    27th April 2017

    Ensuring your packages arrive safely and securely is the priority for most businesses that ship products on a daily basis. However, how much time and money is lost through damaged cartons and products?

    Why not reduce this risk by introducing the correct [ read more ]

  • Strapping Machines Made Simple

    11th April 2017


    Selecting the correct strapping machine for your business is a critical decision. There are many specifications of strapping machines in the market and some key questions to be answered when choosing a strapping machine are:


    How Effic... [ read more ]