1. Categories: Packaging Machinery
    31 Jan, 2019

    Pallet Wrappers - Are They Worth It?

    Discover how much you could save when using a high-performance pallet wrapping machine, alongside quality-assured stretch film.

    Find how we can reduce that back-breaking work of wrapping pallets!

  2. Categories: Strapping
    11 Jan, 2019

    Eco-friendly Green Polyester Strapping for the Environmentally Conscious

    Tornado™ polyester strapping is made from 100% recyclable materials and is 100% recyclable.

    Strong, versatile & environmentally-friendly... No wonder it's our most popular banding product!

  3. Categories: Packaging Equipment
    11 Dec, 2018

    Top Tips to Keep Your Workplace Safe This Winter

    Are you ready for winter? Does snow, ice and freezing temperatures halt your winter productivity?

    Check out our range of winter essentials including grit bins, snow scoops and snow shovels.

  4. Categories: Packaging
    29 Nov, 2018

    Packaging for Christmas... Is your business ready?

    Whether you are a small retailer, a medium size producer or a large factory, now is the time to order your packaging for Christmas.

    Ensure you are more than ready for the December rush.

  5. Categories: Adhesive Tapes
    07 Nov, 2018

    What is the best adhesive tape on the market for every day packing use?

    One of our best sellers, the Denva™ traditional high-tack clear packaging tape is for every day packing use. High-quality and economical, Denva™ is one of our most popular adhesive tapes for use in ambient temperature environments.

  6. Categories: Pallet Wrapping
    19 Oct, 2018

    How can Sigmawrap™ high-performance machine film help you save money & waste less?

    Strength, stretch and consistency... All rolled into one amazing pre-stretch film! Significantly reduce your packaging waste AND increase performance and load stability all at the same time!

  7. Categories: Kwikpac News
    16 Oct, 2018

    New Kwikpac Website Launch!

    We are very proud to have launched our new and improved online purchasing website, in our mission to provide our customers with a seamless purchasing & delivery service, upfront pricing & specialist packaging advice.