Top Life Hacks for Packing Peanuts (Polystyrene Loosefill)

Date: 2nd October 2017

Top Life Hacks for Packing Peanuts (Polystyrene Loosefill) blog post

Of Course, Polystyrene Loosefill or commonly known as ‘Packing Peanuts’ are used by our customers to provide excellent protection for the most awkward, difficult and fragile items when in transit. However, our little free-flowing, Lightweight peanuts can be used for way more than just packaging. 

Here is a list of innovative and useful ways in which YOU can put Polystyrene Loosefill in your day-to-day life.

Tired Looking Cushion or Beanbag? 

Simply unzip the cover and pack the peanuts into your desired comfort. Enhance the look and feel of your old looking beanbag or cushion.

Uses for Polystyrene Loosefill

Safely push in a Nail

 No more bruised thumbs. To drive little finish nails with small heads without bashing bruising your thumbs, push the tip through our packaging peanut and use it to steady the nail against the wall or sideboard. After a few taps, pull away from the foam and finish driving the nail.

Use a Peanut To Hammer A Nail

Apply Sticky Stuff with No Mess or Fuss

 Instead of using a brush or applying glue or adhesives from the pack - use a peanut to apply and spread to the area, then dispose of it when you are done.

Wood Glue On Polystyrene Loosefill

Cover Sharp Blades in your toolbox

 Ever been injured when rummaging around for your sharpest tool in the box? Cover the tips of pointy tools, like an awl or needle with peanuts to keep fingers safe to prods and punctures.

Sharp Safe Tools

Use them fillers

 Glue the packing peanuts to the back of picture frames, mirrors, or even DART BOARDS to protect your painted walls – unfortunately, we cannot promise you hitting the bullseye from the oche.

Dart Board Suppose Use

Tired looking flowers?

 Give your blossoms a boost by adding Polystyrene Peanuts to the bottom of the vase and lift them to the right height.

Use Packing Peanuts for Old Flowers

Fill in a Screw 

To help fit a screw into a slightly larger hole, insert the screw into a peanut, drive it into the widened hole, and take away the extra material. This will help the threads to secure the screw.

Use Packing Peanut for Nail

Get Crafty

 Kids complaining of boredom or nothing to do around the house? Packaging Peanuts is the solution. You can transform our packaging peanuts into a work of art by gluing them together and adding additional features such as eyes and artificial limbs.

Why not make a Ghost for Halloween coming up or even a snowman at Christmas time. Who said packaging products are not fun?

Packing Peanut Inspiration

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This is just a fine selection of multiple uses for Polystyrene Loosefill but we would love to hear from you. Click the Share this link below and let us know what innovative and created ways you use packaging peanuts for?

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