Thinking Outside the Box!

Date: 4th May 2017

 Thinking Outside the Box!  blog post


When thinking outside the box we're challenged to think of new ways and ideas and look at things in a different way. Unfortunately a lot of these new ideas cost money and production time, so items like custom and bespoke boxes are disregarded as a non essential expense. However, did you know there are Industry set standards and guidelines for boxes that allow you to choose a box style that is recognised and used all over the world?

Known simply as FEFCO: The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers is a non-profit organisation representing the interests of the industry across Europe and addressing a wide range of issues, from technical topics to economical questions.

FEFCO have developed a very in-depth catalogue of standard box styles. The most popular of which we have illustrated below.

The main benefits of using these standard cartons & packaging are:

• Guaranteed performance from standardised solutions
• Huge choice of designs available
• Can be tailored to any size
• Fully customisable with specialist coatings, printing and inserts.
• 100% recyclable
• Low tooling costs


Box Style 0201

• Most popular economical box style for transit of products

• Supplied flat with a glued or stitched manufactured joint

• Require sealing with tape, glue, staples or strapping



Box Style 0217

• Retail style box with carry handles and envelope locking base

• Supplied flat with a glued manufacturers joint*

• Does not require glue or tape to seal



Box Style 0401

• Simple construction, ideal for lightweight items

• Supplied flat

• Require sealing with glue or tape

• Also known as “Maltese Cross” box design



Box Style 0427

• Popular shipping/transit box for postal deliveries

• Strong and sturdy box style protects contents exceptionally well

• Supplied flat, locks and tabs are integrated for self-assembly


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