The History of Kwikpac

Date: 28th September 2016

The History of Kwikpac blog post

Since it's establishment in 1993, Kwikpac has focused on maintaining a strong customer base across many diverse industries.

Without this core logic Kwikpac would not have evolved into the company it is today. Here is the story so far...


1993 - In the Beginning

Kwikpac first van and office

• Kwikpac HQ cica 1993, complete with first delivery van and homemade trailer!

rented warehouse

• Rented Warehouse Space



2000s - Alexander St. Dysart, Kirkcaldy

Kwikpac 2000

• Purchase of Kwikpac's first ever forklift along with Kwikpac's second delivery vehicle



2009 - On the Move!

2009 kwikpac

• Purpose built premises, located just off the A92 in Kirkcaldy



2016 - Expansion

kwikpac 2007

• Now capable of Nationwide deliveries with our 2 main delivery trucks



Classic Catalogues and Flyers

classic kwikpac

Kwikpac 2016

• Kwikpac HQ as of September 2016

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