Kwikpac's Guide to Stretch Wrap Equipment

Date: 21st November 2016

Kwikpac's Guide to Stretch Wrap Equipment blog post

When it comes to purchasing a stretch wrapper the most popular selling point is the amount of money the machine can potentially save you in the long run. Not only should the machine be high quality but it should be easy to use and require little to no maintenance. Whether you’re wrapping 10 loads a day or a 1000, this small guide should help you make an informed decision on your next purchase.

orbitwrap1. Automation – Each stretch wrap machine has a built-in unit that cuts the film at the end of the wrap cycle and attaches the film to the loads at the start of wrap cycle. This small automated process allows the forklift operator to stay in his seat during this time, rather than waste several minutes getting off and back on the forklift.

2. Load to Pallet Bonding devices are proving more popular than ever. Designed to stop loads sliding off pallets these bonding devices apply a cable of film right below the top of your pallet, creating a strong bond between the load and pallet. Without this, loads will tend to slide on the pallets and/or come in contact with other loads potentially causing major damage.

3. Using a powered pre-stretch film delivery system can reduce your film costs by at least 50%. The pre-stretch process elongates and enhances the yield of the film. This is caused by the two rollers turning at different speeds and causing the film to stretch. A standard customer who wraps 50 loads per day can save at least £50,000 in film within the first 10 years.

4. Conveyor systems have been around for years, but a properly designed and implemented one can improve load times by minutes. By not double handling a load, and instead being fed on to the next location by conveyor belt, each load would save at least 30 seconds. This would equate to over a £15,000 saving in just over 7 years. Some conveyors even have an add in-feed conveyor to improve these times even further.

5. In order to save the most money and time, ensure your stretch wrapper has built-in scales. This will not only stop double or triple handling to and from the scales, but allows the workflow to be much smoother, with some stretch wrappers having the ability to store and recall all weights measured on the system. A small saving would be made per load, but will also ensure that nothing would leave the warehouse that was overweight and may incur extra fees.

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