Strapping Machines Made Simple

Date: 11th April 2017

Strapping Machines Made Simple blog post


Selecting the correct strapping machine for your business is a critical decision. There are many specifications of strapping machines in the market and some key questions to be answered when choosing a strapping machine are:


How Efficient do I need my production line?

Semi-Auto machines can strap at 10-15 straps per minute depending on the operator. An Arch machine can do 30-70 straps per minute with a Fully-Automatic machines being just as quick but requiring a matching speed conveyor in order to keep production flowing evenly.


What features do I really need?

Listed below are the key features we would expect on the most common automatic strapping machines.

• Auto Feed
• Jam Free Auto Re-feed
• Loop Ejection
• Arch Size
• Strap Width


How do I maintain my strapping machine?

Kwikpac offer comprehensive service plans for any strapping machine we sell. However, good maintenance is key to a long life strapping machine. Use high quality BondMark strap that is consistent in width and gauge. Use compressed air to keep dust particles out the machine on a daily basis. Lastly, we believe in stocking critical service parts for the machine in order to minimise production downtime.



Semi-Automatic Strapping MachineKS60A

Also known as a table top machine, the straps are still fed through manually to a preset tension on the machine itself. These are the most cost effective strapping machines in the market and are usually used in low-medium volume operations.









Arch Strapping MachineTP6000

Arch machines are quicker than semi-automatic machines, as once you’ve set the arch height to the correct level all it takes is a press of a button to put the strap over the arch and round your package. The packages themselves still need to be placed on and removed after every operation. Arch machines are quicker than semi-automatic strapping machines, but generally are more expensive but also less operator dependant.







Fully-Automatic Strapping MachineTP-601B

The fully automatic machines are similar to an arch machine but have a conveyor belt system to carry your product through the strapping machinery. These machines can operate in high speed production lines.



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