Kwikpac helped saved large drinks company 50K on Pallet Wrapping

Date: 5th October 2017

In 2013, we were in touch with one of the largest drink providers in Scotland.

They claimed that they were spending too much money in the warehouse on wrapping pallets.

We provided a free on-site demonstration to show how much they can save on pallet wrapping using Sigmawrap.

The results were MASSIVE:


(Per Day)


(Per Year)

OVER £50,000

(Since the demo)

*The Cost for Sigmawrap was £0.29 Per Pallet to Wrap Compared to £0.63 previously.

Although we saved money on the amount of wrap used, we provide a fantastic product that has the following benefits:


Sigmawrap's advanced layered technology delivers a consistent performance like no other film in the marketplace.  



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