Essential Strap Guide Part 2

Date: 4th November 2016

Essential Strap Guide Part 2 blog post

Straps and strapping are used Worldwide, to secure the simplest object, to strapping down tanks straps are used across many different environments and for many different purposes. Some straps excel in wet weather conditions, whereas others will provide longevity or increased tension. This small guide will detail the 6 main types of Strapping we use and sell here at Kwikpac.




Taurex steel strapping is renowned worldwide for strength, durability and performance and is available in a variety of different widths and thicknesses. Steel Strapping is the ultimate solution for securing heavy consignments for example strapping metal, bailing wire & bricks etc.



Tornado PET strap

Tornado extruded polyester strapping (PET) is a strong and safe alternative to steel strapping. Characterised by its excellent mechanical properties such as high shear strength and outstanding elongation. This is available for hand tools and high output fully automatic machines.




Tenso polypropylene strapping (PP) is commonly used for strapping parcels, bundles and pallets. Tenso is available on plastic reel for hand use or cardboard core for semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines.





Tuffstrap CD is a corded polyester strapping manufactured from high tenacity non-woven yarns bonded by a hot melt adhesive. This is as strong as steel strapping but weighs 75% less. Most commonly used in the timber, sawmill, fencing, lumber and scaffolding industries.





Tuffstrap CW cross-woven strapping is a variation of corded and composite strapping manufactured from high tenacity yarns in a closely woven structure. Tuffstrap CW is used in many applications including load securing and container lashing.






Tuffstrap CP composite polyester strapping is the latest development in strapping technologies, manufactured from high tenacity non-woven yarns with a polymer coating providing outstanding stength & durability. Tuffstrap CP is waterproof and UV proof.

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