Ensuring your fencing and timber load is secure.

Date: 22nd June 2016

Ensuring your fencing and timber load is secure. blog post

There’s no doubt about it – protecting your products in storage and transit is a top priority.  That’s where KWIKPAC can help.


KWIKPAC specialises in supplying load secure and protective products to the UK timber and fencing industries.  Typical products include strapping (banding) and accessories, tools and machinery, ratchet straps, cable ties and hazard/barrier tapes.


Our Four Renowned Strapping Brands:


TORNADO™ Extruded Polyester - For added strength and perfect load stability when strapping products such as timber, bricks or steel.

TUFFSTRAP® Polyester - As strong as steel yet lighter, flexible and kind to your hands and your products. Available in cross-woven, corded and composite variations.

TAUREX™ Steel - Renowned worldwide for strength, durability and performance.

TENSO™ Polypropylene - Light and flexible, ideal for everyday securing of bundles and pallets.


We appreciate the importance of using the right strapping for the right purpose so our experienced sales team are ready to provide advice.  Let us assess your application, listen to ideas and recommend a solution that works within your timeline and budget.  Check out our full range of strapping products here.

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